Katahula’s leopard dog is able to climb tall trees

Katahula Leopard Dog (official symbol of Louisiana with 1979) has a very unusual and confusing name. Besides, The origin of the breed is as obscure as its name. There are several theories for the appearance of a leopard dog, but its the exact origin is still unknown.

According to one theory, the breed was bred by crossing dogs Indians with red wolves and some other breeds. On the other theory, a cross occurred between beauceron and the red wolf without hybridization with other breeds.

However, whatever the origin of the leopard dog katahula, these dogs can surprise the uninitiated astounding appearance – with glass “cracked” eyes and unusual bright and shiny coat. And, even more amazingly, these dogs have a rare ability to climb tall trees.

Katahula's leopard dog is able to climb tall trees

Climbing trees was not the result of the work of breeders. Probably, this ability was fixed in a natural way. In the past food was scarce, so owners often left dogs to the mercy of fate. By necessity, leopard dogs have become very universal, not only developing the ability to climb trees, but and webbed feet for swimming and a high level of intelligence.

After the breed showed unique talents, owners and breeders began to strictly guard the breed, so its the pedigree was preserved largely thanks to these harsh measures. With the ability to work as a team, leopard dogs katahula are universal helpers for humans. AT now they are often used as shepherd dogs, in search and rescue services, as well as hunting. This is one of few domestic dogs that can hunt wild pigs.

The character of the leopard dog katahula can be described as reliable, faithful, but at the same time not intrusive. The breed is very active and energetic because it is working. For this reason, she long walks or enough physical exercise


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