Jack Russell Terrier puppies – photo and development from one months to a year

Tireless and fearless, active and quick-witted – qualities, by which they immediately recognize the Jack Russell Terrier. This is good natured friendly creatures who love man and just adore children. But, like all dogs, they need timely education and training. Only competent socialization will make fun puppy is an obedient adult dog.

Weight and height by month

Jack Russell Terrier puppy’s default settings are in table:

Age (months) Height (cm) at the withers Weight, kg)
1 8 -9 0.7 -1
2 10 -11 2-2.5
3 11-12 2.5-3.5
4 12-13 3,5-4
5 14-15 3.1-4.3
6 15-16 4.3-4.5
7 16-17 4.4-4.5
8 17-19 4,5-4,6
9 19-20 4.6-4.8
10 20-22 4.8-5
11-12 22-25 5-6

Small deviations from the average are individual features of development. Jack Russels often overtake peers height and weight, being puppies, but then their performance is compared. Sometimes the development of a little kitten is inhibited, but in the “teenage aged “he catches up with and overtakes brothers and sisters.

The puppy may be small, not dystrophic physique the reason for poor nutrition, illness, and due to heredity, congenital features. This is not pathological, but quite normal. state.

If Jack Russell is chosen as a room, home darling, options are not particularly important. But when the owner buys future hunter, you should choose the most powerful, active puppy in litter. But this is only a “precaution”: matured, large a kitten may be no different from peers.

Photos and videos of newborn puppies of Jack Russell Terrier:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 1 month:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 1 month:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 2 months:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 3 months:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 3 months:

Photos and videos of Jack Russell Terrier puppies 4 months:

Photos and videos of puppies jack russell terrier 5 months:

Photos and videos of puppies jack russell terrier 5 months:

Photos and videos of puppies Jack Russell Terrier 6 months:

A photo of a 9-month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy in a rack:

Photos of puppies jack russell terrier 12 months with different types wool:

Factors Affecting Development

Jack Russell genetically cannot be large and powerful dogs. But it is important for the owner to monitor the full set of mass, growth from the suction period. On the development of the “milk” puppy has influence a lot:

  • quality, volume of milk in the mother dog;
  • the number of coats in the litter;
  • helminth infection;
  • lack of vitamins, minerals, nutrients;
  • conditions of detention;
  • rivalry (the largest puppies often oppress small, weak);
  • congenital diseases;
  • fear, stress.

It is important for the breeder to correctly determine the developmental delay of the baby, to eliminate it in time: put the kitten to the mother’s rear nipples (they have more milk), conduct antihelminthic prophylaxis, add in complementary foods vitamin complex. If the cause is poor quality milk, newborn puppies receive artificial feeding. There is every chance that a weak kitten will develop into a healthy one, full dog.

When puppy development began to lag behind the norm after moving into a new home, the first reason is the severe stress of separation from the dog family, changing conditions, transferring to new food. Monthly baby already needs people – it needs to be ironed, worn, played, be sure talk to him in a gentle voice.

The second reason is inadequate, unbalanced nutrition. Puppies are transferred only to premium food recommended a veterinarian. With natural nutrition by natural dog owner daily preparing fresh and varied foods jack russell: slices of lean meat, boneless boiled fish, raw yolk, calcined cottage cheese, milk porridge, boiled vegetables. It will be useful to enrich food with multivitamins and minerals from veterinary pharmacies.

Photo of puppy and adult jack russell:

Photo of Jack Russell Terrier puppy and adult

Characteristics of Adult Dogs

Jack Russell Terriers are amazing in the following: practically no differences in the nature and appearance of individuals of different sexes. Optimal the weight of adult males and females is 5-6 kg. With such a mass, the animal easily runs and plays, fully exists.

Lack of weight may be due to individual features of the dog. But its cause is also infection. parasites, malnutrition, malnutrition, chronic diseases and congenital malformations. If together with low body weight Terrier apathetic, lethargic, sleeps a lot, gets tired quickly, is required urgent visit to the veterinarian.

Excess weight is no less dangerous. Jack Russell Terriers – “light”, hunting breed. They don’t need much weight it does not go into muscle development, but into fatty tissues. Dog it is difficult to run and even walk; shortness of breath develops. It threatens problems with blood vessels and heart, joints and bone skeleton.

Usually jack russell cease to grow in 11-12 months. Before this puppy marks are added at least 1 cm each month. If the animal stopped growing much earlier – this is a reason to check with the vet. It is likely that the baby has a disrupted production growth hormone. The reason is in the internal “malfunctions” of the body, and in poor-quality, unbalanced nutrition.

Chest volume – 40-43 cm: it can be completely grasped with two palms. The breed standard requires the following:

  • Jack Russell can be “divided” into two halves: ½ – body, ½ – limbs.
  • The “square” physique is a departure from the norm. In profile the terrier is elongated in the grounds rectangle.
  • The head is moderately flat, narrowed to the eyes, resembling a letter “T”.
  • The tail is on par with the ears.

Jack Russell is not a dense, not muscular dog. But at the same time is not a dwarf, short-legged baby. In breed standards the proportions are written:

  • The boys. Height (at the withers) – 25-30 cm with a mass of 5-6 kg.
  • Girls. Height (at the withers) – 23-26 cm with a weight of 5-6 kg.

For every 5 kg of animal mass, 1 cm of growth occurs. An exception – for a variety of dwarf jack Russell terriers.

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