Jack Russell Terrier – photo, description and character breeds

Jack Russell Terrier is a brave, athletic dog that known for her speed, intelligence, determination and strong instinct to hunt. Also called Parson Russell Terrier, this the dog is a favorite among horse breeders, trainers for film and television, and people who just appreciate it fearless nature, boundless energy, love of entertainment and small size.

But be careful! Trained jack russell that you see on TV, went through their long and difficult workouts. Training breed so that the dog becomes a civilized companion is not easy task. It will take a lot of time and patience, as well as strong sense of humor. Jack Russell is pretty well trained, but they like to behave “in their own way” and do not tolerate boredom. If you not if you entertain him, he will start to do it himself, and you, rather total, you will not be happy with the results of this.

If you want a dog that can learn various tricks, participate in agility (dog sports) and will be charming a companion who will not leave you in trouble, then Jack Russell may be dog for you. But if you can’t handle a dog that will chew, dig and bark, rush a rocket through the whole house, chasing cats and other small animals with killer intentions, then Jack Russell Terrier, definitely, will not suit you, no matter how sweet and small he is.

Jack Russell Terrier - breed character

If you have enough time and patience to devote it Jack will send, then he will become an ideal family dog, and he There are many qualities for this. He is devoted to his family and loves to be with her. His legacy as a hunting dog makes him excellent running companion. Active adult children will be happy and they will love him as a childhood friend, but his violent character may crush young children.

On the other hand, his fearless nature often leads him to dangerous situations. He has a lot of energy and will not be satisfied. regular uniform walking. Plan on giving him 30 to 45 minutes of daily vigorous exercise.

He can also be a true escape master if the house doesn’t fenced with a safe fence under which he will not be able to dig a course or jump over it. From his strong hunting instinct can only protect a reliable leash when you are in unfenced area. Also his instinct to dig holes means that your garden will not be insured against excavations.

Jack Russell Terrier - breed description

Jack Russell Terrier can fill your days with laughter and love, but only if you can give him enough attention, the training and discipline he needs. Inexperienced and timid dog owners should think ahead, maybe they should start with a less complicated dog. Do a little research for yourself, carefully examining this breed and finding out whether it really suitable for you. If so, congratulations ahead of you interesting and even crazy trip!

Breed history

Rev. John Russell, a priest who loved fox hunting, developed the breed of hunting terriers from the extinct now English white terriers. The priest raised dogs for burrow hunting, so that the animal could climb into the hole and pull out the beast from there. This breed eventually developed into the Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terriers were bred in southern England in the middle 1800s from Parson Russell terriers, from which they got their title. Jack Russell created a working terrier who hunted along with the hounds on foxes and pulled them out of their norms.

After World War II, the popularity of hunting dogs became sharply decline, and with it the number of Jack Russell Terriers. AT at some point the breed was kept only as a family dog and like a companion animal.

Jack Russell Terrier - photos of dogs

The Jack Russell Terriers Club was created in America in 1976 by one of the first breed breeders in the United States, Isles Crawford. In the late 90s The American Kennel Club has officially recognized the breed.

Weight and height Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers vary quite a lot in size, as their different types were used for various purposes and localities. They vary in height at the withers from 25 to 35 cm and weigh from 5 to 8 kg.

Dogs 25 to 27 cm tall are known as Jack Russell Terriers. short-legged. Their paws resemble those of corgi and dachshunds.

Breed character

Energetic and hot-spirited Jack Russell has a great personality in your little body. Loving, faithful and infinitely funny, he enjoys everything that life presents him. Having even the slightest opportunity, he will happily jump over the fence and run down unfamiliar streets. He is very smart, but his natural destiny and character make him hard to learn. Friendly to people, he can be aggressive towards other dogs and any animal that resembles prey, including cats. His fearless character can put him in dangerous situations, especially when he decides to take big dog.

Jack Russell Terrier - photos of dogs

Jack Russell Terrier needs discipline and strict routine days, but training should be short and interesting. Reiteration time after time one and the same can greatly bore him. True Jack Russell is friendly and affectionate and never has anything shy.

Like any dog, he needs early socialization. Acquaintance with different people, sounds, places and situations. Proper socialization will help ensure that your puppy Jack Russell Terrier will grow into a fully developed and balanced a dog.


Jack russell tend to have excellent health and live in an average of 14-16 years, but, like many breeds, they are prone to certain disorders and diseases. Not all dogs develop similar disorders, but it is important to be in the know if you are planning keep this breed.

Some possible health problems may not occur, until the dog reaches puberty, so it’s important purchase a puppy only from reputable breeders. Look for those breeders who do not breed their dogs until they reached two or three years.

Jack Russell Terrier - photos of puppies

Jack Russell Terriers are not characterized by any hereditary defects, but they may be prone to the following disorders and health problems:

  • Legg – Calve – Perthes disease, or simply Perthes disease, is common disease of all small breeds. This is a disease of the femur, which can be confused with hip dysplasia. The disorder can be corrected surgically with good forecast.
  • Patella dislocation is also a common problem in dogs. small sizes.
  • Deafness – often associated with the white color of the dog’s coat and sometimes found in this breed.
  • Glaucoma is a painful condition in which pressure inside eyes are too high. Eyes constantly produce some the amount of fluid, and if it does not leak properly, this can lead to increased pressure inside the eye.

Maintenance and care

Jack Russell Terrier is a single owner dog that must live indoors with family. Best if he will have access to a fenced yard where he can burn at least some part of their indomitable energy. The fence should be tall enough for him and deep enough so that he cannot dig a move. It’s important to remember that Jack Russell is already nothing will be able to stop if he sees his potential prey.

Always walk with your Jack on a leash to protect him from strong instinct for the pursuit of other animals, as well as from bullying other dogs. Give him 30 to 50 minutes daily vigorous exercise, and then it will be enough tired so as not to cause any trouble.

Jack Russell Terrier - photo and description of the breed

Timid and weakhearted people will not be able to train a brave Jack Russell. The people who live with Jack must be solid and consistent. This is a strong-willed dog that responds well to positive motivation in the form of praise, games and goodies, but she can become even more stubborn if faced with any types punishments. Introduce your Jack Russell to the rules and routine and stock up with the necessary amount of patience, and then You will be generously rewarded. Jack russell terrier who has strong connections with the right person, can learn and learn all that whatever!

Jack russell since puppyhood is important to get a big the amount of positive experience interacting with other dogs – early socialization will help prevent possible aggression by attitude to dogs and other animals.


Daily recommended diet – from 1 to 1.5 bowls of quality dog food divided into two portions.

However, the amount of feed an adult needs the dog depends on its age, size, physique and level activity. All dogs are individual and need different things. amount of food.

Jack Terrier - photo

Keep Jack in good shape by measuring his diet and feeding twice a day. If you think he has excess weight then do a little test. First, look at him. You must see his waist. Then put your palms on Jack’s back sat down, thumbs along the back, and the rest along the ribs. You should not see its ribs, but you should feel them with little effort. If you don’t feel them, then the dog needs additional physical activity and less stern.

Children and other animals

Jack Russell Terriers are loving and affectionate dogs that are excellent suitable for families with older children who understand how interact with dogs. They are not suitable for home with small children. In addition to their restless nature, they can pinch and snapping teeth during a sloppy game.

Teach children how to approach and touch any animal, and even including dogs, and monitor any interaction between dogs and small children. Teach your child to never approach the dog, who sleeps or eats.

Some jack russell aggressive to other dogs, especially to dogs of their gender. They have a strong instinct of persecution and will chase cats and other small animals (and kill them if they will have such an opportunity).

Key Features

  • Jack Russell must have a securely fenced garden or yard, so that they can burn their abundant energy there. They can also climb trees and even chains, so they should to avoid.
  • Jack Russell Terrier, like many terriers, loves to dig and can dig a fairly large hole in a short time. Much easier teach your dog to dig in a specific place or area than overcome this habit.
  • Timid and inexperienced dog owners should take a closer look at other dog breeds. Jack Russell can be a problem even for experienced dog breeder.
  • Dogs of this breed love to bark often and loudly, so they may not be suitable for living in an apartment.
  • Aggression towards other dogs is a common problem for all Jack Russell Terriers, if they are not trained to get along with other dogs with early age.
  • Jack Russell Terriers do not tolerate separation and loneliness, so when you leave home, try turning on the radio, to make them less bored.
  • The breed is characterized by a strong instinct for persecution, therefore, outside In a fenced area, they should always be on a leash.
  • Jack Russell Terriers have a high level of energy, so they need a few walks every day. Of which also Great running companions.

The cost of puppies

The cost of puppies Jack Russell Terrier with a pedigree is from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles or more. Puppies without a pedigree stand in an average of 10,000 rubles.

Video about Jack Russell Terrier

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