Is it worth it to start a pug – the main advantages and breed cons

Before making this important decision, especially if you start the first dog, you must do research for yourself this question and understand what it is like to have such a large pet. Having a new dog is not a small decision. You take taking responsibility for owning and caring for the living creature. TO Unfortunately, many people forget about this and start a dog, not knowing what does this lead to.

Find out the breed in more detail

Different breeds of dogs have different needs. For example, large dogs require regular and large amounts of physical activity, while small – may be content short walks. Therefore, if you choose a dog breed, make a list of what you expect from the dog.

Try to start with questions:

  • Do I need a small or large dog?
  • Will an energetic or less active dog suit me?
  • To what extent and what kind of care will be required for the breed?
  • Is the breed suitable for children?

When making a decision, it is also important to consider whether you can afford a big pet. Food is far from the only expense you will incur. When choosing a breed consider the costs of toys, veterinary services, funds for care and possible unexpected medical expenses as health. Also consider taxes and dog insurance that may be introduced in tax law.


In addition to expenses, pay close attention to responsibilities, related to owning a dog – basic, toilet training, basic training and socialization, care. Do you have time to give the pug is what he needs to be healthy and happy?

To help you with the decision to start a pug, check out the basic Pros and cons of the breed:

The main advantages and features

A pug definitely has qualities to be a great home. to animals. Let’s look at these characteristics.

Good hygiene. Pugs have a natural Smooth and short fur, which makes them easy to hold cleanliness. The only possible hygiene problem is creases on their face to be cleaned regularly.

Vigorous. Pugs, especially young ones, always are full of energy and will be happy to play with you a variety of games. They will do almost everything to get your attention.

Small ones. Pugs are relatively small dogs that don’t need a big yard to run around.

Beautiful. Pugs have a unique appearance and very popular in many countries. Their charming look attracts many thousands of fans around the world.

Devotees. If you earn trust, then a pug will become an incredibly loyal dog. They will support and protect you are always and everywhere. However, many have doubts that they able to protect them from any real threat.

Pleasant disposition. Pugs have all around pleasant character that combines such characteristics like charm, sociability, attentiveness, playfulness, obedience, affection and gentleness.

Pug is a fun character

Reasons a Pug May Not Suit You

Health problems. Many owners know that this is the first thing to worry about in advance. These little dogs often have trouble breathing as well as hypothermia and overheating.

Care. Daily care for folds on the face pug dog – as they collect all the dirt that is only in them gets in. However, it does not take a lot of time, and a couple of ordinary wet wipes will be enough for you.

The dog is not for the street. If you are looking for a dog for long walks, it will be difficult for the pug to fulfill this role. These dogs walk quite slowly and get tired quickly, especially in hot the weather.

Home schooling. This breed is relatively stubborn and trained for a long time, so you need some effort and time to train the pug to the toilet and to the house.

Always near. Pugs are very dependent on their owners, so they always want their attention. Anytime, when you are at home, your little joyful pet will be there and will wait to play with you. Be prepared that he will not give up, and will always wait for you to pay attention to him!


So, if you answered all the questions and decided that the pug really suitable for you, then you are ready to bring the puppy to to your house. But take your time buying a puppy from an unknown seller, instead you should find an experienced and a proven breeder, as well as learn as much as possible about him and the future puppy.

First of all, decide whether to take a pug in a shelter or buy

Both options have their pros and cons, but the choice often depends from what you are looking for. The main advantage of taking a pug in a shelter is this is a significant savings on the purchase of a puppy, up to several tens thousand rubles. Most shelters charge only a small fee. vaccination of a dog.

In addition to saving money, you also save the dog, which needs a new house. Dogs given to animal shelters often stay there for specific reasons, usually problems with cash, moving, or lack of time. The owners love their dogs, but simply can’t keep them anymore. Big the plus is that many of their dogs in shelters are good trained and socialized.

Pug on the street

Do not think that something is wrong with these dogs. People who work in a shelter, must make sure they are mentally prepared and physically to a new home.

So, the main advantages of adopting a dog

  • Significantly lower costs
  • The dog is understandable
  • Most dogs are socialized and trained.

Purchase from a breeder

If you want to get a puppy from a breeder, most likely you have to spend a little more time. There are a lot of people, who love and breed their dogs, just such breeders and worth looking for.

Many breeders have a certain waiting list that is both a plus and a minus. This is a plus on the other hand. what do you know that puppies are in demand and owners care about dogs and don’t breed them too often. At the same time, it is means you have to wait a few months before You can take one of the puppies.


Carry out your own analysis and find the one that suits you. dog breeder. Some of the breeders do not care about well-being. their dogs and puppies, and breed them just for profit. Many dogs live in poor conditions and usually have far from the best health. Keep in mind that many people and inexperienced owners are deceived by simply beautiful photos on sites.

Spend some time and talk with the breeder, so you learn more about how he breeds his pets. Experienced the breeder will also want to know more about you to make sure that his puppies will be in a safe house. If the breeder does not care about where his puppies will be and ask no questions, then this may be the first sign of a puppy factory.


If the seller has puppies all year long, especially if these are puppies of several popular breeds, this is most likely puppy factory – a nursery whose owner relies on making big profits from selling a large number of puppies.

Where to look for a pug

You can find your dream pug puppy:

  • Online – There are many message boards, such as Avito, where a lot of good and experienced advertisements are placed breeders.
  • In newspapers – in the local newspaper in the appropriate section, you You can definitely find a local breeder.
  • Dog clubs – if there is a pug club in your area, then there most likely, at least, they will recommend you a good the breeder.

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