Is Husky Worth It: 10 Things That you need to know about the breed

Siberian Husky is a great companion for people who understand and respond to their unique needs. Duration their life is 12 to 15 years, so husky dogs can become an important member of your family for quite some time.

Is Husky Worth It: 10 Things That you need to know about the breed


If you live in an apartment, then you should think before how to make a husky dog. House with a large fenced yard more preferred for this breed, of course, if you follow beloved lawn or garden – the dog can easily rummage through them far and wide.


Husky are friendly, playful, smart, but can get bored quickly. If if you’re away from home most of the day, you’re better off consider choosing a different breed, as husky dogs can become destructive when not getting enough amount of activity. They can also howl if they feel forgotten. Because they are very friendly and rarely bark, the breed is bad performs watchdog functions.

Suitable climate

Siberian husky live perfectly in cold climates, but they can to be uncomfortable or even dangerous to live in hot regions. In especially hot days you should provide the dog with a sufficiently large shadow outside and efficient air conditioning inside. During during the summer months, you may need a walk either early in the morning, either late in the evening.


Siberian Husky have tons of energy, need daily exercise and can make good friends for training sessions. If you do not have a large yard where the dog can exercise, then she will need daily walks and running jogging.

Garden preparation

Before you start a husky, you should carefully check the yard for a possible escape, because the breed likes to roam and to study the surroundings. In the garden you must provide a fence not tall less than 2 meters.

Possible escape

Never leave a husky without a leash in a park or for a walk, because she’s likely to run away. This does not mean that she is naughty or doesn’t like you, the breed just loves to roam and study the terrain. If you have already made a husky dog, then chip it with a veterinarian you’re familiar with, and make sure that a tag with name and your contact information.


Due to the thick coat, Siberian husky shed much, especially in warm climatic conditions and when changing seasons. Twice in year for about a week they molt very much. Plan on this time regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and daily comb out the dog.


Siberian hacks are inherently in need of a leader. The leader you must be, otherwise the dog will take on this role. Training obedience will help you establish the necessary hierarchy in your relationship. If you cannot provide consistent and unquestioning leadership, then you probably breed not will do.

Other pets

Husky have strong hunter instincts, so small domestic animals such as cats, birds, rabbits or ferrets – most likely will not be safe in the house with the dog. Breed gets along well enough with other dogs.


With as much energy as a husky, you might think what they eat really a lot. In fact, you will be surprised how much food they need.

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