Interesting facts about Labradoodle

Labradoodle is a cross between Labrador and Poodle. These dogs can confused with regular wet-nosed curs or with portuguese water dogs. However, after Labradula started family of President Obama, the already popular breed has become more famous and recognizable.

Interesting facts about Labradoodle

Labradoodle story

For the first time the breed attracted attention in 1988, when the Australian breeder successfully crossed the Labrador Retriever and standard poodle to create a guide dog for the blind, which are allergic to wool and dandruff. Submitted soon the breed grew rapidly in American breeders popularity due to its behavior and hypoallergenic wool.

Breed sizes

Like a poodle, Labradoodle has three varieties – standard (large), medium (small) and miniature. Standard Labradoodle has a height at the withers of at least 60 cm and weighs more than 18 kg. Medium Labradoodles reach a height of 40 to 55 cm and weigh from 10 to 18 kg. Miniature ones have a height of 30 to 35 cm and weigh less than 10 kg.

Labrador Wool

Due to its mixed nature, texture and coat color Labradoodle varied greatly. Wool texture can be cordy, curly, wavy, tightly twisted or soft, like a sheep. The color of the coat may be brown, golden, red, black, brindle, etc. Most labradoodles do not have smell, and their hair either does not shed, or it sheds very slightly. Some dogs with strong Labrador genes easily molt and have a faint smell.


With the outstanding qualities that the parent breeds possess, Labradoodles inherited developed intuition and intelligence, socialization, friendliness, affection and easy-to-learn. These dogs crave involvement, friendships and communication. They have established themselves as great dogs for families, especially with young children.

Labradoodle in popular culture

Labradoodle has made a significant contribution to its short history. popular and popular culture, and even hit the Oxford Dictionary in English. The famous board game “Monopoly” also recognized the popularity of the hybrid breed and replaced the badge Scottish terrier on Labradoodle for the version of the game “Here and Now”. Labrador emblems and badges are used in many popular and charity events.

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