Interesting facts about dogs and puppies

If you love dogs and puppies, then you probably spend on them as much time as possible, and no doubt you will like to know more about them and how they are connected between by myself. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you will surely find something interesting for yourself, and you’ll know your best friend a little better person.

Interesting facts about dogs and puppies

Interesting facts puppies

  • Of the 5 main feelings, the first in puppies is the sense of touch, with through which the puppy is able to feel touch.
  • You can get a pretty good idea of the final the size of a puppy, if you look at its legs – big paws, of course, may grow for a while, but they are one of the first signs of the final size of the dog.
  • If your puppy bites or nips you in the game, you can quickly to wean him from doing it with the help of a loud “oh!”. Similar sound puppies themselves publish when they are in pain.
  • The puppy listens only to the first syllable in the word – therefore, if you called him a “gentleman”, then he will even recognize simple “cav”.
  • Puppies are born without teeth – their first milk teeth begin develop around the age of four weeks. But already they begin fall out and be replaced by indigenous ones at the age of about 4 months.
  • Puppies are born without a sense of smell – somewhat surprisingly, since this feeling is most used in adults dogs. Smell begins to develop only at 3 weeks of life puppy.
  • During the first week of his life, a newborn puppy will be sleep 90% of the time.
  • A mother could potentially abandon her puppies if they were born using cesarean section and purified. It happens because in this case the mother cannot recognize her puppies as own.
  • Puppies, as a rule, perceive a smiling person as a sign aggression if he shows his teeth.

Interesting facts about dogs

  • Your dog’s heart rate is between 70 and 120 beats per minute. The average human heart rate ranges from 60 to 80 strokes.
  • A healthy adult dog has 42 teeth. Healthy person has 32.
  • Dogs don’t sweat like humans, they only have sweat glands on pads of their paws. Dogs regulate their body temperature with using breathing and drinking water.
  • There is a myth that stopping the tails of some dogs started in ancient Rome, where it was believed that a dog without a tail could Avoid rabies.
  • The sense of smell of dogs is about a thousand times stronger human. A person has about 5 million olfactory receptors – the dog has more than 220 million of them!
  • Similarly, a dog’s hearing is about 10 times stronger human.
  • It is believed that the average dog has two-year-old intelligence. a child.
  • Dogs raise their legs when urinating in order to increase the area that they mark, thereby enhancing the smell tags. Puppies, when urinating, do not raise their legs until they grow up, as well as bitches.
  • About 25% of dogs snore when they sleep.
  • Although most dogs love to swim, some dogs cannot do this due to disproportionate sizes body. Basically, these are brachycephalic dogs (with short, flattened face) such as boxers and pugs.
  • If the dog is scared, they squeeze their tail between their legs – this is done in order to close the odorous glands in the rectal areas that help dogs identify each other.
  • The three breeds that are considered the most intelligent on a scale intelligence, are border collie, poodle and golden retriever. The least intelligent dogs are the Afghan Hound, basenji and bulldog.
  • The dog’s nose print is as unique as fingerprints human, and can be used to finally identify the dog.
  • Contrary to popular myth, dogs can see colors, although the color gamut of their vision is not as rich as in humans. it offset by the fact that dogs can see in almost complete in the dark.
  • Dogs do not have the same sense of time as we do. Them biological clocks dictate their need for food and need go to the toilet, so owners often think that their dogs respond to certain times of the day when, for example, fed.

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