How to train a chihuahua in a diaper or tray

Chihuahuas are known for being difficult to accustom to anything. How much you love your little dog is just as hard maybe her toilet training. This is one of the reasons why these tiny pets sometimes stay in shelters. Train him with patience and consistency, and then your chi will walk in toilet properly.

How to train a chihuahua in a diaper or tray

Life with a small dog

Living with small dogs is very different from living with medium or large, and chihuahuas are among the most small ones. Your puppy can quickly learn to walk and write. the nearest corner, and you won’t even know about it – for a while. This unusual place can become his favorite for the toilet, until you find him, and he will not fall out of favor.

To the street

With a chihuahua, you have toilet training options that not practical for large dogs. You can teach her traditionally regularly letting her out so that she does her job on fresh air. However, for Chi, this may be the most difficult option, especially in cold weather. With their short hair and tiny bodies, chi freeze very quickly. Why go outside in the cold When can I stay in a comfortable and warm home?

Diaper or toilet tray

Dressing tray – this convenient thing is not just for cats. You can train your chihuahua on the tray, but it should not be filled with cat filler. You can also use diaper for dogs – special disposable or reusable absorbent devices. Whichever option you choose – on outdoors, or at home, use only his. Do not confuse the dog with different options, at least at least in the initial stages.


Show her the first steps in teaching a chihuahua to the toilet choose a suitable place, and then take it to him every time after eating, after sleeping, and before bedtime – whenever your the pet is likely to feel desire. He will soon realize that it is really important.

Stick to this routine and use the usual whip method and gingerbread man – make him firm remarks when he did business in inappropriate place for this. And praise your chi every time when he did everything right. However, do not scold him, but just make a comment, and moreover, do not punish him. Use a specific word or term to indicate that it’s time to empty the bladder and intestines. “On the pot” is a classic option, but you can choose what suitable for you.

Chihuahua boys

Full-fledged Chihuahua males often mark their territory with urine. One day you may even find discolored patches and spots on your walls and furniture, exactly at the level at which your chi. If you are not going to breed your dog, then consider castration option. This relatively simple operation, like as a rule, excludes the desire of the male to mark the territory.

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