How to name York (Yorkshire Terrier)

Yorkshire Terrier – a toy dog that has already forgotten its roots when her ancestors were catching in rat mines. Today it is an extremely decorative, charming pet that is capable of melt the coldest heart. How can you call this amazing crumbs?


  • 1. Nicknames for york boys
  • 2. How to name a York girl
  • 3. The basic rules for selecting a nickname

Nicknames for york boys

Toy-toy, but the Yorkshire Terrier puppy is still a dog, which means it differs from its brothers in character, behavior or has features of appearance. Anyway, the owner of hundreds of these babies will definitely recognize his four-legged friend. So, the nickname needs to be selected individually. She can be serious:

  • On the letters ABC: Cupid, Augur, Allen, Aragon, Baron, Barry, Blade, Bastian, Volt, Winston, Veles, Vincent, White;
  • On the letters G-D-E: Gray, Helios, Henry, Harold, Dark, Diego, Dorian, Dickens, Davis, Danai, Esaul;
  • On the letters ZHZI: Jasper, Gerard, Zamir, Zorro, Icarus, Ymir, Eastwood
  • On the letters KLM: Casper, Chris, Claude, Candy, Loki, Lucky, Lotus, Lancer, Marcel, Milo, Morris, Morgan, Martin, Mario, Marshall;
  • On the letters N-O-P: Nelson, Next, Nestor, Newton, Narcissus, Neville, Neptune, Oscar, Oliver, Orlando, Onyx, One, Patrick, Parker, Perry
  • Letter: RCT: Richie, Ryder, Ringo, Rex, Raymond, Simon, Solomon, Samson, Samuel, Sammy, Thomas, Topaz, Timon, Tamerlan;
  • The letter U-F-X: Walt, Urwin, Winslet, Uranus, Fry, Flyer, Fred, Phantom, Figaro, Fabio, Farian, Hachiko, Happy, Charon, Hugo, Hancock
  • To the letter Ts-Ch-Sh: Caesar, Cyclone, Centaurus, Charlie, Chain, Shakespeare, Sean, Shannon, Sheikh, Schumacher;
  • The letter E-YU: Elliot, Elvis, Elf, Andrew, Eragon, Eustace, Junker, Janis, Amber.

In addition, an overly active baby who cannot sit still on the spot for a minute, you can call Veselchak, Balamut, Zhivchik, Pepper, Typhoon, Shkodnik, Shustrik, Drive, Breeze, Gambler, Wolf, Fidget, Rogue. yorks

A playful nickname is also suitable, which, as opposed to size dogs, emphasizes its importance to the family, and will always be make you smile. With the owner’s light hand, tiny York can become Goliath, Gulliver, Viking, Giant, Varangian, Volcano, Vesuvius, Terrible, Hercules, Zeus, Napoleon, Rambo, Tyson, Titanium, Giant, St. Bernard;

But you can and vice versa, emphasize how small a pet is a doggie yorkshire terrier. The following will suit him nicknames:

  • Baby;
  • Gnome;
  • Zhuzhik;
  • Raisins;
  • Crumb;
  • Button;
  • Baby;
  • Klepa
  • Minik;
  • Mouse;
  • Kid;
  • Little mouse;
  • Sweeties;
  • Snoopy
  • Funtik;
  • Shpuntik.

Often, owners prefer funny nicknames, rather even positive, and like yorkies – funny, sociable doggies, then any of them may suit the restless kid: Apricot, Bonya, Bamsy, Bagel, Benya, Bobby, Bugs Bunny, Venya, Jusi Frut, Frutti, Eroshka, Eric, Eureka, Zhorik, Kiwi, Fortress, Zucchini, Cube, Cupcake, Luntik, Ray, Lemon, Motia, Zero, Major, Peach, Pumbaa, Pikachu, Pokemon, Poof, Ruble, Smiley, Syrup, Scooby Doo, Smurf, Ushastik, Nerd, Shrek, Freak, Jap.

A puppy can also become a Pet, Lucky, Son, Lyalik, Handsome, Glamor, Frant.

Find a suitable nickname for the boy in the full list.

How to call a york girl

An elegant dog with a funny face is most often favorite of the whole family. She accompanies her master practically everywhere, including social events, so a beautiful nickname Perfect for her:

  • On the letters A-B-V: Anfisa, Aigul, Avesta, Alley, Athena, Assol, Aelita, Barbie, Beauty, Bessie, Bonnie, Blondie, Venus, Viona, Virginia, Verona, Valerie, Versailles;
  • On the letters G-D-E: Gerda, Grace, Gloria, Gladys, Hermione, Gracie, Gabby, Jesse, Diara, Darina, Delilah, Darling, Daccara, Danae, Delica, Evita, Yesenia;
  • On the letters ZHZ: Josephine, Genevieve, Jasmine, Jacqueline, Zlata, Zolotinka, Inessa, Irene, Irenia, Iolanthe;
  • On the letters KLM: Camellia, Cassie, Camille, Kerry, Carmen, Kitty, California, Lassie, Lizzy, Lola, Lyme, Laura, Maya, Molly, Milady, Monica, Muse, Maggie, Melissa, Mystic, Mai-thai;
  • On the letters N-O-P: Navarra, Nymph, Nora, Ninel, Olivia, Ophelia, Puma, Ollie, Onansis, Paris, Person, Penelope, Patricia, Polly;
  • On the letters R-S-T: Rada, Rochelle, Ronda, Ruta, Rosie, Rosika, Cynthia, Sonata, Serenade, Sally, Suleika, Taisiya, Tina, Tess, Tomila, Terry;
  • On the letters U-F-X: Ursula, Ulyana, Ondine, Phoebe, Florence, Philadelphia, Phloxy, Francesca, Fortune, Chloe, Holly, Helena, Helga;
  • To the letter Ts-Ch-Sh: Tsaritsa, Centuria, Tserceya, Sheila, Sherry, Shayna, Charlotte, Chinara, Charmi, Charuta;
  • To the letter EJ: Eleanor, Etna, Angie, Emilia, Elite, Hellas, Ellie, Southerner, Juno, Judit, Ioannina, Jadwiga, Yasmin.

In addition, the nickname may correspond to its miniature size. the owner. York girl can become a Bead, Cherry, Freckle, Fly, Baby, Buzzing, Button, Drop, Fly, Minnie, Olive, Seed, Simka, Button, Ranetka, Baby, Baby, Manyunya, Berry, Pipette;

If a girl with a character has got into the house, then do not miss this quality out of sight. The little dog can be called Zlyuchka, Nipper, Bully, Furia, Bite, Couscous. Another option is cool, funny name for a pet. But do not forget that the name should not offend or humiliate a four-legged friend dignity.

For the girl of the Yorkshire Terrier, the following is suitable: Orange, Caramel, Candy, Coquette, Fun, Persimmon, Snowball, Frosya, Fenichka, Swell, Tsypa, Shusha, Shumka, Chucha, Chung-Chang, Sprat, Barberry, Lolita, Paw, Lyalka, Medok; Butterscotch, Blot, Pixie, Pussy, Umka, Donna Rosa, Wasabi, Tiramisu, Cocoa, Mocha, Almonds, Nut, Totti, Kunya, Cola, Syaba, Bentley, Blackberry, Strawberry, Malinka, Grunya, Brandy.

Good appetite is one of the differences between representatives of this breed. This quality can be emphasized in a humorous form, calling darling Sausage, Meatball, Meatball, Cutlet, Bun, Pompushka, Donut, Bbw, Chomp, Bun, Perry, Meat grinder, sharpener.

All nicknames are good – choose to taste— But if there are difficulties, it is worth turning to the advice of professionals.

Find a suitable nickname in the list for girls’ dogs.

Basic rules for choosing a nickname

Very often, Yorkies find themselves in the family due to fashion trends or as a toy for a child, however, in a couple of weeks doggie captivates all members of the family. Yes, they have no equal in this. By more, such a charming pet needs a suitable name. cute york

If we are talking about a dog with a pedigree, then it follows consult a breeder and find out what to call York, and what rules should be followed. According to established rules of the RKF, the main name is required joins the name of the nursery, where the baby comes from.

Thus, it turns out that the crumbs have both a first name and a last name. BUT here the club offspring has no surname, and the owners the letter with which the nickname should begin, according to registration book.

You can select a few clicks you like and gradually check which baby reacts more actively. Another option is not hurry up, take a closer look at a new member of the family, and maybe a suitable name will come to mind by itself. For example, Josephine in fact it may turn out to be Jujuy, and Boni, none other than Caesar.

In addition, owners must pronounce the chosen nickname themselves, even at a fast pace. Do not consider long complex names are enough if they consist of 2-3 syllables. Dogs perfectly hear hissing sounds, short words, first the letter of which is a consonant.

Read also: what to feed York.

Yorkshire Terrier – eye candy, little positivist, causing a smile. But each dog has its own charisma, character traits, therefore, to the selection of a suitable nickname should be approached individually.

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