How to name a wolf and a wolfhound

The wolf is an intelligent, cunning, hardy and pack animal, one of the largest animals of the canine family. Wolf can reach in length excluding tail, up to 160 cm, height at withers – up to 90 cm, weight the body of large males reaches 80 kg.

How to name a wolf and a wolfhound

Both the wolfhound and the wolf need a strong or even brutal name, match their character. Here we have collected more than 250 “powerful” names and nickname for girls and boys wolves, see more!

Nicknames for boys wolves

White, Rex, Butler, Barney, Scythian, Tucker, Mike, Baron, Polkan, Dante, Chester, Olympus, Spartak, Bond, Geta, Oscar, Gray, Zeus, Wonder, Pike, Pulion, Casper, Preston, Toby, Troy, Oton, Tiberius, Harold, Cliff, Nord, Onyx, Hans, Nick, Bike, Osborn, Green, Lexus, Luke, Bim, Tyson, Apollo, Ice, Jerry, Snake, Scout, Nike, Ernie, Cooper, Ringo, Oliver, Duncan, Hans, Rockefeller, Thunder, Loyd, James, Zidane, Georges, Henry, Plato, Ronnie, Sheldon, Shah, Stifler, Heidi, Harris, Walter, Torias, Zack, Jacques, Prime, Rolf, Buddy, Rocky, Yarmak, Clark, Claude, Rudolph, Walt, Vegas, Lyon, Osman, Luke, Sonic, Texas, Diesel, Hardy, Maurice, Kazbek, Simon, Messi, Cupid, Gore, Yakut, Raymond, Timon, Teach, Sparkley, Chase.

Nicknames for girls wolves

Jesse, Rexie, Dosya, Barca, Casey, Bonya, Zara, Richie, Chucky, Tori, Sandy, Daisy, Doxy, Dusya, Blackie, Gretta, Gucci, Jess, Goldie, Alma, Dana, Tosya, Amber, Beta, Bert, Vicki, Vega, Alice, Gerda, Cara, Cleo, Dixie, Tiara, Thaya, Cessa, Leela, Jaycee, Cher, Elsa, Diya, Busya, Lily, Olli, Party, Pixie, Tessa, Ulm, Hani, Ronda, Ulka, Fiona, Bella, Kenya, Lucky, Chloe, Bug, Zlata, Utah, Ulli, Umbra, Piggy, Cherry, Chita, Terra, Thea, Tracy, Elba.

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