How to name a pug

The pug has a really unique look, so he or she needs the same unique name! Also your name dogs can tell a lot about yourself, about a sense of humor, aspirations and even character! Therefore, it is important to choose a truly an appropriate name or nickname that could fully describe your pet and his personality.

How to name a pug

Pet names often come to mind themselves, and sometimes you need to just a little inspiration. That’s why we put together a list here of more than 150 popular names for pug dogs. Hope u you will no longer have a question what to call a Pug! :)

Choosing a name for several pet dogs

If you have more than one dog, it is best to choose the names that start with different sounds. Most dogs pay attention only on the first syllable that people speak. Therefore, if both dogs will have the same names start they can get confused. Such names can be, for example, Pugs and Moby, and both pugs will run to you at the same time when you name.

Nicknames for Pug Boys

Arnie, Pugley, Pugs, Percy, Bim, Barney, Bucks, Archie, Paxi, Beck, Bond, Butler, White, Vic, Vegas, Wonder, Wooddy, Will, Gucci, Gore, Harold, Hans, Jack, Jerry, Dave, Dante, Dobby, Diesel, Dexter, James, Dustin, Duncan, Jacques, Beetles, Stitch, Sonic, Georges, Zeus, Zidane, Zack, Clyde, Cliff, King, Ringo, Rusty, Simba, Fang, Cupid, Clark, Lari, Loki, Lyon, Largo, Milo, Mike, Marty, Basco, Monti, Maurice, Menny, Nice, Nord, Nike, Norman, Nick, Newman, Nortis, Shah, Alvin, Ernie, Oscar, Otis, Oliver, Tim, Toby, Pompey, Osman, Olympus, Pirate, Pike, Fluff, Polkan, Persian, Harris, Khaki, Caesar, Prime, Parker, Pele, Plato, Rex, Rich, Beckham, Vegas, Valley, Ronnie, Ryder, Raymond, Rolf, Rockefeller, Spikes, Scythian, Stark, Slark, Smile, Snake, Scout, Theo, Osborne, Onyx, Tyler, Texas, Timon, Teach, Umka, Walter, Uranus, Walt, Urwin, Phil, Fred, Phil, Frank, Fry, Forest, Fidel, Happy, Hardy, Hulk, Tsesay, Chip, Charlie, Chester, Chief, Chase, Ball, Eugene, Justin, Yarmak.

Nicknames for pug girls

Alma, Alba, Amber, Beauty, Blacks, Barca, Pugs, Vesta, Viol, Venus, Vicki, Viva, Gretta, Gaby, Goldie, Sandy, Sally, Berta, Paxi, Gretchen, Gisma, Gerda, Jesse, Jess, Dana, Jaycee, Jeta, Dusya, Dina, Dolly, Dosya, Roxy, Richie, Ulli, Umbra, Fiona, Rexie, Diya, Zhulya, Bug, Zlata, Zara, Zita, Ilsa, Yosya, Isa, Kira, Casey, Cleo, Keri, Kenya, Lucky, Leela, Laura, Molly, Miley, Maya, Mickey, Piggy, Perry, Nyusha, Nancy, Ollie, Pixie, Penny, Poly, Rhonda, Remy, Bonya, Busya, Beta, Sanda, Arrow, Salma, Stacy, Suzy, Taska, Vega, Terra, Thea, Elsa, Elba, Tiara, Tessa, Ulka, Beans, Flash Drive, Chloe, Helga, Hani, Tsar, Chelsea, Cherry, Chasey, Chucky, Chess, Shelley, Cher, Sheldi, Emmy, Yumi.

What do you think of these pug names? You may already be have you chosen one, or do you have a unique idea? If yes, then write in the comments!

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