How to name a jack russell terrier – part 2

Excitement, mischief and activity are inherent in this breed of dog. Many dog handlers admit that they are the best fox and badger hunters. AT ingenuity, agility, agility and taking quick action, in If you are left alone with the beast, you will not refuse them. Choosing nickname for puppy Jack Russell Terrier, do not stop at difficult pronunciations. Advised first take a closer look, identify the distinctive features of the color or the nature of the dog. Then make the right choice.


  • 1. Nicknames for Jack Russell Terrier Boy
  • 2. Nicknames for the girl
  • 3. Tips for choosing the right one

Nicknames for Jack Russell Terrier Boy

The hunting breed certainly deserves a better nickname. Besides Moreover, terriers are great companions and just home friends. Not amenable to training, education. Their physical activity and playfulness can only be envied. The main thing is from an early age to direct energy in the right direction, to develop courage, kindness. Jack Russell Terrier for a walk

Best nicknames: Bruno, Nord, Jeb, Ratmir, Fidel, Hardy, Stefan, Edwin, Sherlock, Andrew, Edwin, Taylor, Hort, Camelot, Daniel, Floyd, Unicum, Sigmund, Shuttle, Darcy, Ilton, Angel, Avatar, Georg, Harry, Darcy, Gerard, Jiri, Sebastian.

Russell puppies are very curious, not for nothing that many consider them bullying. If appropriate, it can be called: Jacques, Darts, Zhigan, Akhtung, Arnie, Doggy, Miguel, Soloist, Hassan, Citron, Champi, Queen, Almonds, Dude, Rhythm, Nimble, Naughty, Janis, Trumpeter, Ruddy, Gordey.

Sometimes a playful nickname will do: Nerd, Trick, Rhythm, Success, Take off, Nimble, Naughty, Babai, Butuz, Genka, Yerema, Krosh, Lavrik, Thomas, Centic, Dude. The diminutive names are known: Bunny, Artoshka, Broom, Ivash, Korzhik, Pate, Ivash, Dude.

It is advisable to choose a name when the puppy is just a few days. During this period it is already quite possible to take a closer look at him habits, appreciate the addictions and tastes of the pet. Nickname should be easy pronounced and heard, because the kids are sensitive on all commands given by the owner.

Jack Russell with English roots can be called: Lloyd Will, Austin, Devin, Neil. Boy puppies are impressive and match names suitable for the breed: Standard, Jack, Camelot, Ford, Singer, Nord, Rolex.

If puppies from birth are badass and do not give a descent at a meeting with other dogs on the street, you can give a nickname: Tricky, Zhigan, Babai, Serge, Partisan, Trumpeter, Bully, Pirate, Jadi, Shustrik, Slok, Stone, Yula.

Russell terrier puppies are different in color, often born with birthmark or glasses on the face. In that case, attention deserve nicknames: Black, Bruno, Olive, Cesco, Avni, Vesik, Wust, Kapo, Chestnut, Almond, Rublek, Centik, Terry, El, Chami, Hassan, Leon, Glinka.

According to dog breeders, you should not give a name with a growling letter “p”. Also, do not need to be called human names like Tom, Kesha, Kiryusha, Sema, Sasha, John, Karl, Phoebe. Common nicknames in many dogs – Mukhtar and Polkan, but Russell is not a shepherd, and such names do not fit.

Do not forget that terriers are still growing, and how to a big dog will have a really stupid name like – Barsik, Cannon, Money, Inch, Miley, Youth, Peanut. The nickname should be completely match the habits and sizes of the pet.

For more active and hunting jack terriers the nickname can be naughty and perky. But double names: John Quran, Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Fusi-Wusi, is not recommended. Terriers should be proud to bear this name, and this, for example, Nord Standard, Vallet. Perversion and pretentiousness are also useless: Baron, Muscled, Boar, Tyrant – sound insulting and unpleasant. Such nicknames cause only aggression. Allowed nicknames: Gypsy, Rublek, Trickster, Babai. But, of course, not the Wretch, the Parasite, the Bullock.

More nicknames for dog boys.

Nicknames for the girl

Nicknames are necessary to attract the attention of a pet. When choosing it is worth considering the roots of this breed. But still, the terrier girls lovely affectionate and gentle creatures. English names sound beautiful Origin: Lara, Maru, Selena, Gabriel, Cameo, Kandy, Lisa, Malva Matilda, Nicole, Naomi, Olivia, Pixie, Roxy, Scarlett, Santa, Sofia, Fortune, Holly, Eureka, Charade.

Terrier girls are obedient, balanced, moderately playful. May Become good companions for your master. Nicknames fit: Butterscotch, Daisy, Vanilla, Olive.

A nickname should combine qualities such as softness, fragility, tenderness. You can search for the names of heroines from children’s cartoons or mythological stories: Jasmine, Mermaid, Havana, Antalya. Sounds nicknames of musical subjects for terriers sound not bad: Flute, Allegro, Harp, Olemanda, Notka, Gamma.

Very beautiful and consonant names for girls: Whiskey, Buggy, Sleeve, Daisy, Idi, Assa, Ketty, Lolita, Manana, Selina, Oita, Reggae, Tutti, Eusti, Bibu, Baileys, Sherry, Lulu, Zinnia, Corri, Michelle, Reggie, Tinky, Evita. Can be called diminutive names: Vanilla, Cherry, Fun, Butterscotch, Hairpin, Fly, Button, Barbie, Busya, Christmas tree, Chiquita, Yasna, Doll.

Nicknames should be easy to remember and at the same time be bright and attractive. Do not give long, pretentious names. Some owners give a cool name to the terrier girl: Juno, Snowball, Simka, Cleo, Zhulya, Sonya, Linden, Plush, Umka, Toffee, Sprat, Fifa, Bagheera, Bullet, Pussycat, Tender, Margot, Julia, Kunya, Wendy, Sophie, Gavka, Peace. Others, on the contrary, try to give a name with meaning. For example:

  • Lotus (flower);
  • Nami (wave);
  • Kasumi (fog);
  • Yurka (snow);
  • Haruki (radiance);
  • Tiko (lunar);
  • Hotaru (firefly);
  • Haruka (spring);
  • Izumi (fountain);
  • Shiju (pearl);
  • Kokoro (soul);
  • Yuki (snow);
  • Kaori (pleasant);
  • Kiku (chrysanthemum);
  • Aimee (love).

The nickname must accurately reflect the character and habits pets, perfectly complementing and emphasizing its merits. Such as the: Ay-Ay, Aidushka, giving is undesirable.

More nicknames for dog girls.

Tips for choosing the right one

Jack Russell Terriers are distinguished by a sharp mind and amazing memory. From childhood, you need to choose the correct and full name. Moreover, to utter completely together with the teams during training and trainings. The nickname should be in harmony with the look and character of the pet. Better if it is short and comfortable for pronunciations. jack

Jack Russell Terrier is a noble breed, and the name owes it match. What canine experts advise:

  • view cartoons, computer games. Cartoon names heroes are well suited for puppy terriers;
  • take a name or term from geography, science, space;
  • first ask the breeders if there was anything else before the dog’s name, because they get used to the new for a long time and reluctantly;
  • pick up a sonorous and easy-to-pronounce name;
  • do not give terrible nicknames to the terrier: Rex, Beethoven, for pretty gentle and little russell terriers it will look ridiculous;
  • give a nickname of 3-4 letters, no more convenient for memorization;
  • no need to give names with the sound “p”, similar to the sound of a growl. It irritates dogs and causes aggressiveness, enmity;
  • do not give pets the names of people of a foreign or Russian origin. This is not entirely ethical and appropriate to animals;
  • If you have a pedigree, you should not change the given nickname earlier. If it is difficult to pronounce, then you can call at home abbreviated, for example – Rick, Dyke.

In addition, artsy, promising and pompous Names: Born, Star. When choosing the best concentrate on geographical and astronomical names or beautiful natural phenomena.

Useful: than feed jack russell terrier.

Do not rush to choose a name and do not forget about the features Terrier character. This is a breed, from an early age fully called up read incoming information. The name should be harmonious and neither in no case act oppressively. Terriers have a unique pedigree. Nobleness is inherent in them, which also needs to be considered when choosing a name. But pets are playful and need to be taught discipline with birth. Observe the behavior first. This will help to choose more acceptable nickname.

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