How to name a husky

Husky is an outwardly attractive but serious breed of dog. They say that the nickname can tell about the character of the pet, therefore should be appropriate, perhaps describe the character or some external data. Northern Siberian dog is quite hardy and aggressive, but quite safe. The pet will constantly wait their master, even whining and howling like a wolf. It’s worth choosing a name come up responsibly. Polkan and Sharik will not work for all nobleness and grace of a husky. Let’s see how to name a husky right.


  • 1. Nicknames for the Husky Boy
  • 2. Nicknames for Husky girls
  • 3. Tips for choosing

Nicknames for Husky Boy

Husky – hardy, persistent inhabitants of the North Pole. Nickname must confirm these facts. Boys are usually called directly in honor of the harsh nature of the North, for example: Polar Star, Siberia. For blue eyes and snow-white coat with impregnations are called: Klaus, Fresh, Nero, Luke, Diamond, Akbar, Bagheera, Snowball, Fog, Tahir, Tigran, Urman, Viking, Buran, Argo, Helios, Antei, Muscat, Amethyst, Emperor, Opal, Zeus, Yucca, France, Shine, Achilles, Dickens, Crete, Umka, Nord. Husky on a beautiful background

Husky – stately Eskimo northern inhabitants, therefore children awkward nicknames for dogs are inappropriate. It is quite spectacular dogs, so you need to pick up a bright, memorable name. It is better if it is easy to sound. Many owners prefer to put some value in the name, it’s not in vain They say that nicknames form the character in the future.

Significant nicknames are suitable for Eskimo boys:

  • Rivers (obedience);
  • Buran (activity, ardor);
  • Timati (impulsiveness);
  • Jacqueline (kindness, real warrior);
  • Amethyst (adherence);
  • Dick (Leadership);
  • Cupid (devotion);
  • Quint (constancy);
  • Jack (poise, goodwill).

If you turn to literary characters, you can call pet: Tolik, Fuchs, Viking, Nero, Neuron, Siegfried, Hippo, Fuchs. Do not be lazy to search for something in mythology by calling: Loki, Sigmund, Zeus, Achilles, Buddha. So unusual but graceful names pets of the harsh North will proudly wear.

The most popular nicknames for Husky boys are: Demon, North, Fierce, Wind, Shaman, Altai, Baikal, Chill, Buran, Wolf, Typhoon, Buddha, Barbarian, Dusk, Iceberg, Nord, Fog, Alpha, Snow.

For males, strong names with a reflection of character traits and living conditions of the northern inhabitants: Tsar, Thunder, Swift, Whirlwind, Cunning. Husky quickly get used to their nicknames.

Often the owners give nicknames, taking into account the attractive appearance Husky, similar to wolves, associating with cold, snow, Siberia. A peculiar pattern on the face gives an evil look, and some the owners take them as a basis and even give demonic nicknames: Demon, Damn Faust.

When choosing a name for a pet, it is desirable that it be present the letters “P” or “X”, which are better and faster distracted by pets. For example: Raj, Wright, Reno, Raye, Rogdan, Romka, Rally, Radar, Reef, Rover, Stream, Rumbik, Ruslan, Harry, Horsun, Chlottery, Swag, Chilon, Honda, Chorik, Hadtar, Hort, Hagen.

As original nicknames ideal will be: Gloomy, Thor, Darkness. The main thing is that they are not too long, but also simple, beaten (Tuzik, Ball) should not be called either. These nicknames may only offend the pet, instill uncertainty. Better if it will simple pronunciation and consonant name of 2-3 syllables. Nesting a certain meaning may subsequently leave an imprint on fate and character traits.

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Nicknames for Husky girls

Husky girls from birth – playful, active, sociable, mischievous, mentally attached to its owner. Can call them: Lightning, Blizzard, Thunderstorm, which is also combined with cold polar living conditions of Siberian beauties. The most Suitable names for husky girls: Artemis, Hell, Marquise, Queen, Bagheera, Tessa, Agatha, Madeleine, Sabrina, Isolde, Frey, Pandora, Akira, Wave, Yuki, Bella, Venus, Nymph, Carey, Olivia, Yuda, Daisy, Mysticism, Ruzanna, Vesta, Ophelia.

Husky females are good at training, but the name should be simple, straightforward. When choosing with a value, you may prefer names like:

  • Akira (smart);
  • Yuna (hardy);
  • Salma (Peaceful)
  • Bella (beautiful);
  • Vesta (calm);
  • Bagheera (graceful);
  • Naida (reliable);
  • Yuna (hardy);
  • Elsa (obedient);
  • Hoshi (stellar);
  • Ella (light);
  • Sakura (cherry);
  • Assa (dawn);
  • Ada – (decisive);
  • Tina (kind);
  • Ricky (strong).

Husky adults have good nature and majesty. Nickname must reflect the appearance, thoroughbred uniqueness and socialization nurseries. You can use Japanese or Greek names. For girls with sky blue eyes fit undeservedly nicknames forgotten today, but very attractive: Siberia, Taiga, Winter, Arctic, Blizzard, Haze, Ice, Snowstorm, Nora, Avalanche, Wind, Tundra, Altai, Helda, Fierce, Snowball, Night, Alaska, Northerner, Kheta, Khatanga, Karelia.

Beautiful and gentle by ear nicknames for a husky girl: Ava, Aigi, Eileen, Aida, Arvi, Alita, Alga, Armita, Baka, Assol, Arleta, Barney, Billy, Bishka, Blanca, Bon, Oars, Julia, Wajda, Vlasta, Vei, Valeta, Girsa, Gressi, Darva, Dasha, Jitta, Christmas tree, Elika, Erta, Isis, Zim, Ken, Kitty, Kaira, Weasel, Lady, Martha, Itel, Maya, Miracle, Ega, Erica, Yuda, Yugra, Yusi, Java, Egri, Estrella, Yunota, Yara, Ellita, Etna, Earley.

Literary heroines can inspire a good name: Gretta, Josephine, Gerda, Juliet. Also do not forget about mythological characters: Olympia, Patricia, Hera, Indira, Isis. The pet must wear a nickname with pride. Husky – noble, strong, hardy. Common names can only offend given breed, suppress self-esteem.

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Selection tips

Before you get a puppy, first of all, you need to consider Husky character. Russian Siberian beauties, of course, no meaning to wear loud English, Japanese, Mediterranean names. It is better to give a Slavic-Russian name.

Husky – a noble, strong, hardy, graceful breed and worthy of a better name, although sometimes overly wayward. At you can choose the coat color and character or borrow a name the character of the movie, mythology. You can dream up to come up with a sonorous and unusual name for the pet that he will wear proudly and with royal dignity inherent in this particular breed. husky on the knoll

Husky – active and kind animals. Despite the ominous and, sometimes, formidable appearance, it is best to choose a neutral and easy sounding nickname with a short pronunciation. For a better perception 2-3 syllables are enough. Nicknames do not fit:

  • with human names;
  • dissonant, which can quickly get bored;
  • long and difficult to remember, difficult to pronounce;
  • ominous, bearing in themselves the negative of the nickname: Zluka, Buyan, Monster, Bully.

The name remains with the pet for life, and does not stand in the future the owner blush for the thoughtless given nickname. It should fit the description, image, disposition of the animal as a whole. Better first look closely at the habits and behavior of the dog, speak the chosen nickname several times out loud and watch the response.

For Siberian husky, you can pick up more than 160 beautiful names. Mythical will become quite good: Terra, Valkyrie. If you take in attention to the color of the wool, then: Panther, Black, and in the presence of light and spotted: Snow, Lei, Frost, Spot, Ice. With an unusual color the hair or eye color of the animal can be given a name: Azazell, Harlequin. The selection of nicknames is huge. The main thing, according to dog handlers, is compliance with the article, habits, coat color, other birthmarks the pet has pleasantly caressed the ears of both the dog and the owner.

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Husky – perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions of the North, Resist burning frosts and winds. Nickname must be combined with animal image, to be in tune. Strong, hardy breed not deserves a pretentious cute name.

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