How to name a French bulldog

So, does your new French bulldog need a name? Search name for a new puppy – this is one of the most fun and enjoyable moments when setting up a dog. Keep in mind that nickname or name you will use your French bulldog hundreds of times every week! Therefore, try to pick a name that you and your family will like it, and which will be simple enough for pronunciation.

How to name a French bulldog

A few tips for finding a name for your puppy

Remember, bulldogs understand short commands, therefore names should be short and easy to remember. Most suitable in in this regard, the names are with two syllables and less.

The name you choose for your pet should not sound like team. For example, if you call him “Sid,” it will be very looks like a sit command. Such a name can easily confuse your Frenchman.

Keep in mind that you will use your dog’s name on public, so try to choose a name that you can often speak in public. The nickname or name should also not be embarrass or cause a lot of jokes :)

Try to recall the names or names of things or memories, which you associate with positive experiences. For example, your favorite park, vacation spot or a memorable city in another country. Also try to find a famous name from the stories or stories that you read.

It’s better not to name your puppy until you talk to him, so you can pick the best name that really will suit him. Maybe after you pick up a couple of suitable names for your Frenchman, you ask your family as they want the puppy’s name to sound.

What to call an adult French bulldog? If you have already started an adult puppy or dog is probably best stick to his old name. If this name does not fit, then try to find and use a consonant name.

Nicknames for French Bulldogs Boys

Archie, Mike, Fluff, Marty, Teddy, Bike, Toby, Bim, Vinci, Apollo, Parker, Rich, Baron, Bucks, Chucky, Chief, Buggy, Beckham, Arnie, Bond, Butler, Nortis, Oscar, Clark, Claude, Cupid, Volt, Zidane, Zack, Vic, Vegas, Wonder, Wooddy, Pirate, Pike, Will, Gray, Osman, Gucci, Osborn, Ernie, Maurice, Menny, Largo, Georges, Nice, Onyx, Rolf, Rudolph, Rockefeller, Rusty, Scooby-Doo, Simon, Stark, Cliff, Bugs, Hans, Duke, Astro, Dobie, Diesel, James, Dustin, Duncan, Hardy, Hulk, Zeus, Charlie, Chester, Clyde, Henry, Gore, Harold, Green, Hans, Jack, Nick, Simba, Torias, Umka, Spikes, Scythian, Milo, Nike, Frank, Fang, White, Leo, Monty, Norman, Yarmak, Oliver, Olympus, Perse, Prime, Pele, Plato, Ronnie, Sheldon, Shah, Alvin, Eugene, Walter, Yakut, Raymond, Stif, Sultan, Sonic, Newman, Dave, Dante, Casper, Kai, Ice, Kurt, Slark, Tima, Smile, Loki, Lexus, Lyon, Eric, Snake, Scout, Theo, Tyler, Texas, Timon, Teach, Urwin, Phil, Fred, Fry, Forest, Fidel, Happy, Heidi, Harris, Khaki, Caesar, Tsesay, Chip, Ball, Justin.

Nicknames for French Bulldogs Girls

Jessie molly penny richie tori sandy casey doxy sally Beauty, Suzy, Poly, Blacks, Vesta, Angel, Tosya, Alba, Alabama, Amber, Bucky, Bert, Busya, Gizma, Fiona, Venus, Wiki, Vega, Viva, Greta, Gloria, Goldie, Keri, Beans, Chloe, Helga, Hani, that, Ilsa, Irma, Utah, Chasey, Alma, Gerda, Jess, Jaycee, Dean, Dolly, Dosya, Kira, Kenya, Sherry, Cessie, Masya, Audrey, Yumi, Olli, Maya, Nika, Nancy, Cher, Kara, Cleo, Tiara, Tessa, Ulm, Chelsea, Ulka, Umbra, Candy, Miley, Rhonda, Elsa, Remy, Arrow, Selina, Stacy, Party, Piggy, Perry, Alice, Taska, Terra, Thea, Tracy, Holdi, Cessa, Cherry, Chita, Chucky, Chess, Shelley.

Do you think your puppy has a great name?

Please tell us his name and why did you choose him? Just add a comment below!

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