How to introduce and make friends a cat with a puppy

Your little robber has not only a playful childish character, but also, of course, the instincts of a growing dog, such as tracking and chasing prey – and this can be dangerous for your cat or kitten. To exclude such a development, it is important to introduce and make friends a puppy with a cat in a timely manner so that he adopted her as a member of the family and could play safely with his new friend.

How to introduce and make friends a cat with a puppy

Introduce your cat to a puppy when he is in the cage. Place the puppy in a cage or paddock so that both animals could get to know each other without the opportunity harm each other. Despite the fact that cats react poorly to treats and praise, all this just adores your puppy. therefore thanks to your caresses, praise and delicacy for good behavior on with respect to the cat, he will soon learn to associate his a new friend with your goodwill.

Rub with one towel or a thick cloth of yours puppy. Another towel – rub your cat. Further place a puppy-smelling towel under the cat’s bowl and a towel with cat smell – under the dog’s bowl. You can also use towels used to wipe your pets after shower or bath. Your own smell combined with the smell of an animal will strengthen Your pets feel like they are part of your family. Animals will also associate smell with positive things, such as chatting, stroking and feeding.

Take the cat to your lap. Ask a friend or member family hold puppy. Give praise one thing at a time animal and then another while supporting a low-level comforting conversation. Closely monitor how comfortable you feel. pets in the presence of each other. If the puppy shows signs of aggression, strongly suppress them and take him away from the cat. If both of your pets are feeling quite well or even want to take a nap, you can be sure that you are on the right ways to build friendships between your puppy and a cat.

Give your pets the opportunity to social interaction once they begin Feel comfortable when together. Nevertheless, you need to act smoothly, so leave your puppy on a leash to you could intervene quickly if he makes sudden movements or show aggression. Keep in mind that a puppy may just want to play. Use various noises, such as clapping hands, to tell him to stop if he starts playing too rude. And don’t be surprised if the cat starts to show own dissatisfaction, which is also quite likely.

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