How to instill eye drops for dogs

The proper use of ophthalmic preparations is of great importance. for the speedy recovery of your pet. Make sure that you read the label and instructions for the drug. If you have any any questions, contact your veterinarian for clarifications.

How to instill eye drops for dogs

Always wash your hands before and after using the product so that prevent pollution and / or potential spread infections. Be sure to keep the tip of the applicator clean and not let it touch the dog, and its eyes, and any other surface. If this happens, clean the tip by wiping it clean cloth and ask your veterinarian about specific instructions to clean it.

If your dog’s eyes are too painful, then you will need helping someone to hold the dog or its face. Usually, after the drug begins to act, the pain decreases and help is becoming less necessary.

Here are some helpful tips you can use. applying the drug is easier for both you and your dog.

  • Carefully clean any contamination of the eyes and the area around him with warm water and a clean cloth.
  • Hold the applicator using your thumb and forefinger. For greater stabilization, you can easily lean your working hand on the head of the dog.
  • With the thumb of your second hand, gently pull down the lower eyelid dogs. The lower eyelid will be the place for applying eye drops. Place the remaining fingers of the other hand under the dog’s jaw and gently hold her head.
  • Keep the applicator close to the eyeball, but do not touch to its surface.
  • Apply the required amount of the drug directly to eyeball, trying to instill it closer to the center of the eye. Gently release the dog’s head.

Your dog should start blinking, thereby spreading drug over the entire surface of the eye

Blinking and scratching eyes with paws are normal reactions for all dogs. However, if such behavior is persist, or if the eye begins to look more sore after application of the drug, then you need to consult with by the veterinarian.

During the procedure, you should praise the dog, and after – offer her a favorite treat. This will make the experience of the procedure more positive and the use of the drug next time should go simpler.

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