How to give a dog liquid medicine?

The easiest way to give your dog liquid medicine consists in using specially designed goodies or mixing it with any canned goods. In order to provide consumption of the full amount of medicine by the dog, it is better to mix it with a small portion of food that the dog will eat for sure.

How to give a dog liquid medicine?

However, some dogs do not want to eat such food, or they there may be certain dietary restrictions that prevent you from using this technique. In that case, you should give the medicine directly to the dog’s mouth.

Make sure that you carefully read the instructions for the medicine and understood his dosage. Before dosing the drug into the syringe, lightly shake it to mix the liquid. If the drug was in the refrigerator, then you can heat it by holding the syringe in your hand for several minutes, or by placing it in a container with warm water. Do not heat the medicine in the microwave!

Place your dog in a safe and comfortable place where she is can be easily held. The easiest way to give a liquid drug is with second person, if you have such an opportunity.

Gently pull your dog’s lower lip down to create “pocket” along the mouth.

Place the tip of the syringe in the dog’s mouth after one of the fangs. Slowly empty the contents of the syringe so that the dog has time swallow it while breathing.

Many dogs spit out a certain amount of medicine. Not try to use it again, as it’s normal practice. Veterinarians take into account a small amount of losses medication when calculating the required dose for your pet.

Throughout the procedure you should praise the dog, and according to her ending, offer her a delicious treat. This will make the drug and the procedure is more enjoyable and will facilitate the use of the drug in next time.

Wash the pipette or syringe thoroughly after each use. If necessary, put the remaining medicine in refrigerator.

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