How to care for that poodle – photo and character breeds

If you are looking for the best friend of all time – toy poodle will certainly suit your requirements. Where else can you find such an intelligent, active, well-mannered and small companion? Providing proper care for this small and dedicated dog is the least you can do for him.

Education and training

Socialization and any training will be very useful for a little toy poodle – all dogs must receive basic obedience training – and, most likely, he will prove to be the best student in the class! Toy poodles – smart dogs in the top 3 most mentally developed and balanced breeds. You can continue learning agility (dexterity), but your poodle should understand all the basic teams.

Veterinary examination

Your dog needs an annual veterinarian checkup as well as timely vaccination. If you know about common ailments that can occur in the breed, you can at first signs in advance to show your pet to the vet. To them difficulty breathing due to tracheal collapse, and lameness due to dysplasia of the patella.

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Toy Poodle Puppy

Oral and Wool Care

All types of poodles have the same set of 42 teeth, but in small and Toy poodle teeth can be especially crowded. Therefore that poodle often suffer from dental diseases and need their regular cleaned from an early age.

As for grooming, in addition to regular haircuts, comb your poodle regularly, at least every other day or two. Perhaps you yourself will learn to hold your paws and face your dog to trim hair in certain places, which are especially prone to contamination with food or walks.

Beige toy poodle photo

Physical exercise

Your miniature poodle needs both physical and mental exercises. He can perform physical exercises with you on walks, and mental – should include your joint games, training and relationships.

Friendly relations

These poodles were not bred for protection, hunting or grazing. Like other decorative breeds, their main goal is to provide their owner by communication and companionship, what are they really succeed! One of the best ways to take care of your toy pet – as often as possible to take it with you, because he does not like when you are away for a long time. Toy Poodles Develop close ties with your family and they are not very happy if you are not nearby.

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