How to accustom York to the toilet

Miniature Yorkies need training in the toilet, since shortly after birth, the mother teaches them to do their job outside the place where they eat and sleep. Continue training following a strict schedule and positively reinforcing it, so your little puppy will understand his task as soon as possible.

How to accustom York to the toilet

Step 1

Take your puppy to the toilet area every morning. Puppies feel most comfortable if the training takes place in a place that It smells and looks familiar.

Step 2

Reward your York after he has successfully dealt with business, be it a tray or a place on the street. Little York is better just responds to positive reinforcement and praise, therefore each time give him a treat or favorite toy.

Step 3

Stay consistent according to your schedule training Puppies should be taken to the toilet 5-30 minutes after every meal. Also always take your puppy to do his thing in the morning and before dinner. York will understand his task much faster thanks to regular reps so stick to the schedule until you are 100% sure of it.


  • Never punish a york during schooling. Stay calm and, if necessary, take him immediately to designated place of study.
  • Do not use commands and do not rush your pet when he is doing his job. Additional stress in this situation may make learning less effective and require more time.

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