How old are German shepherds

After some life with a German shepherd, its owner is like usually starts to wonder about the average duration the life of his dog. These thoughts may seem terrible, but, Nevertheless, sooner or later everyone is faced with this. Healthy German shepherds that receive proper care live like usually 11 to 13 years old.

How old are German shepherds

Despite the statistics, there are many German shepherds, who have lived a lot longer than 13 years. However, determine the life span of a particular shepherd without knowing its history health is almost impossible.

Visit the vet

The next time you show your dog to the vet, discuss with him your life expectancy shepherd dogs. The veterinarian should give you an overview of this at Based on your dog’s story. You can also discuss which steps can be taken to help your shepherd live as much as possible longer. This is usually a set of measures that includes a healthy diet, exercise and possibly vitamin supplements.

The most common health problems

The most common diseases in German shepherds are orthopedic. These shepherds suffer from hip dysplasia and elbow joints. For example, in the USA 19% of shepherd dogs suffer from hip dysplasia, and 20% from elbow dysplasia the joint.

Joint inflammation is another common an orthopedic problem in German shepherds. Osteochondrosis and rupture cruciate ligaments are also fairly common disorders. Less diseases such as spondylomyelopathy are often recorded (Wobbler syndrome) and hypertrophic osteodystrophy.

The second most common group of German diseases is skin problems. The breed is prone to allergies, especially itchy skin, to pyoderma, seborrhea, scabies, demodicosis, and sometimes to calcification.

Autoimmune diseases when the dog’s immune system attacks own body also extremely common among German shepherd dog.

What if the shepherd’s life is nearing its end

All dogs sooner or later come to an end. For dog owners and their families are often hard to accept. Not less, if your veterinarian told you that the end is near, it’s better start making plans right now. Best to build a plan then when you are calm, rather than make harsh decisions.

Sit with your loved ones and discuss what is best for your dogs. If you want to make a burial near the house either euthanize the animal, then find out in advance the order of the necessary actions. Be sure to follow the official instructions. If you want to, so that your shepherd is buried in the pet cemetery, You will also need to contact the appropriate service in advance. Some dog owners prefer cremation, so you can Get information about this from your veterinarian.

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