How old are dachshunds?

Small breeds of dogs tend to have slightly larger life expectancy than large. Can be expected that miniature dachshund will live on average from 14 to 17 years, if she will have good care and a little luck. By size, taxes are classified into 3 varieties: standard, miniature and rabbit.

How old are dachshunds?

Life extension

A happy and healthy dachshund has every chance of surviving to 15 years and even more – many of them live 17 years, which is truly outstanding result in the dog world. If you want to increase your dog’s chances of a long life, you should feed her suitable amount of quality feed or home cooking, and also let her exercise regularly. Short training of your dachshund twice a day will allow her maintain a strong and healthy body and prevent excess recruitment weight.

Life expectancy factors

If your buddy begins to gain excess weight – usually the reason for this is overfeeding or low physical activity – this increases the load on the back and puts under severe blow to the dog’s spine. Many taxes have to put to sleep as their back becomes injured and they can no longer walk and work. Potential duration the dog’s life is also shortened if you don’t regularly show her to the veterinarian and take the necessary vaccination courses, as this may put her at risk of diseases and infections.

Special care for long haired dachshunds

Longhair dachshunds need more regular and thorough hair care than their shorthair colleagues. Long silky hair of this type can quickly get confused, and dirty the coat can be painful and uncomfortable for the dog. If dirt or urine penetrates the tangled coat, it can cause real threat to health and reduce its expected duration of life.

The difference in the size of dachshunds

Longhair dachshunds come in three sizes – standard, which weigh 7.5-15 kg, miniature, weighing 4-7 kg, and rabbits, whose weight is less than 3.5 kg. However, there is no difference in life expectancy of these varieties of dachshunds. Your dog’s lifespan will mainly depend from her genetics, general health and care that she will receive throughout life.

Oldest dachshund

The oldest dachshund in the world, nicknamed Chenel, has lived for over 21 years. She died on August 28, 2009 in the USA, in the state of New York. The hosts wire-haired dachshund took her as a puppy from an animal shelter, when she was only six weeks old. By human standards, age Chenela was about 140 years old.

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