How huskies endure frost and why they love cold

Strong and hardy husky pulling a sled with people in the cold tundra, have special physical abilities that not only allow them to survive, but also successfully prosper in extremely cold conditions. For many centuries indigenous the peoples of the north use huskies for a variety of purposes, knowing that they neither snow nor frost is terrible.

How huskies endure frost and why they love cold


The bright blue eyes of the Siberian husky give them much more than just a beautiful look. Almond-shaped eye shape protects sensitive eye tissues from cold temperatures and from rising while running snow. Eye shape allows husky squint to such an extent that the eye is practically invisible, but the angle of view remains the most effective.

The ears

Husky have an unusual structure of the ears, which protects them sensitive ear canals and drum even in the most burning frost and while running. Their ears have a very thick coat, which warms and creates a natural protection of the whole ear from the cold.

“Double” wool and warm fluffy tail

The husky’s body is covered with dense wool with a thick undercoat, which provides a double layer of heat – protection from the cold. Undercoat – very short, so the dog sheds or sheds it in the spring, to avoid overheating during warm weather.

In the cold season, the undercoat works as an extra dog skin isolator so that her body does not cool. Outer layer wool also has protective functions – it prevents the formation and accumulation of ice and snow in the dog’s coat.

Husky tail – very fluffy, like a fox. He is enough long so that it is enough to cover the muzzle and nose during sleep The tail provides additional heat retention during sleep and rest.

Fluffy paws

Husky paws are protected from cold snow and sharp ice. thick skin and a terrific amount of coat. They also have wool between the pads. However, the northern peoples, using husky dog sledding – often cover their paws additional winding – booties to protect them sharp objects.

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