How and how to feed the Weimaraner – tips for feeding

Weimaraner feeding and diet should be based on its individual needs related primarily to his age, weight and condition.

How and how to feed the Weimaraner - tips for feeding

Balanced quality and calorie content

Dog nutrition experts recommend focusing on two key needs: amount of protein and number of calories. At Weimaraners also rarely have gluten intolerance or gluten, so they can be fed with most cereals, soy, bran, pasta and cheese (rarely).


All dogs need meat and are suitable for Weimaraners various diets with a meat content of 50 to 80%. The rest foods may include cereals and starches – such as potatoes, oatmeal or rice.

Feeding frequency

The quantity or frequency of feeding is as important as the quality. Weimaraner has relatively high risks of stomach twisting – a condition where the stomach swells and blocks large arteries. It can happen suddenly and requires an emergency veterinary help. Symptoms include restlessness, shortness of breath, Drooling, as well as signs and attempts of vomiting. To avoid bloating and twisting, feeding is recommended more frequent, but in smaller portions throughout the day.

Health problems

Some health problems can be partially resolved with diet. Common conditions like hip dysplasia, joint diseases and many others. By controlling calorie intake and maintaining a healthy weight, you can significantly reduce the load on painful joints. At dysplasia arthritis often occurs, in this case can help anti-inflammatory foods. Weimaraners are prone to formation tumors resulting in histamine consumption, therefore recommended avoid foods such as milk, dairy products, tomatoes, mackerel and spinach.

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