Healthy weight and the right diet for a pug

If you own a pug, then you understand that your the pug does not eat to live, but lives to eat. These dogs are true gourmets of the canine world, and it often happens that they there are health problems associated with weight. Healthy diet in this case is very important to prevent development possible disorders and problems with being overweight.

Healthy weight and the right diet for a pug

Pug Healthy Weight

Pugs are genetically prone to overweight and obesity they have a fairly common problem. Also your the pug is not the most energetic dog, so keeping him weight will require self-control on your part, since he himself does not have. Being overweight can create a number of health problems. any dog, but pugs are especially characteristic of two specific Problems. Firstly, their breathing under additional pressure may cause a problem like airway obstruction, frequent the problem of most brachycephalic dogs. And secondly, a pug is at the highest risk for dysplasia of the hip joint as well as arthritis and dislocation of the knee cups.

Weight reduction

How much should a pug weigh? Ideal weight according to standard Pugs range from 5 to 8 kg. Even if your pug weighs just 0.5 kg more than this range, it’s a sign that he needs a diet. Discuss the appropriate serving size with your veterinarian or gradually reduce his diet over several weeks until his weight begins to decline. Offer him between meals, low-calorie snacks such as carrot. Using a pug’s diet of fresh vegetables can play a significant role in maintaining his weight, as well as losing weight.

What type of diet?

Some pug owners stick to a home diet, like the best in terms of maintaining health. Raw food diet (raw meat and vegetables) can also help control allergic reactions in many pugs. You can buy meat in the store where it is sold fresh meat and bones, so you will be assured of quality and freshness of these products.

Grainless feeds can also be used as a method. dealing with allergies, especially if it causes skin problems. Grain-free feeds may include vegetables and fruits that replace carbohydrates that are absent in the grain-free diet. In any case, if you switch the pug to a new diet, then do it gradually, so that he does not develop an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Nutritional supplements

Dietary supplements can also help maintain a healthy weight. at your pug. Dog Glucosamine Can Help With Arthritis joints. Fish oil and related nutritional supplements are recommended. to maintain the overall health of your pug, in particular for maintaining good condition of the coat and skin, as well as prevent possible digestive problems. Toys for chewing can also help keep your pug in good shape and reduce his food intake. However, since the pug has very strong jaws, use only strong enough and suitable toys and items.

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