First aid to a dog that broke claw

Oh! How can such a small injury cause such severe pain? A small tear of a tiny claw on one toe could come true painfully painful. Broken claw pain may be so strong that it makes a big and bold dog literally meaning “get on your knees.” Any breed, big or small, will limp and whine from discomfort. Besides, the bleeding that accompanies the injury makes it even more difficult a business.

First aid to a dog that broke claw

Why do claws break?

Dogs break their claws due to engagement in carpets, upholstery, roots herbs etc. Either the dog can jump off the chair or down porch so that the claw bends and breaks. Sometimes the claws of old pets can become so dry that become brittle and break very easily. Longer claws like usually catch and break more often than short ones. Regardless reasons, a broken claw hurts and bleeds, and therefore requires immediate response.

Why does a broken claw become such a problem?

Dog claws protect some large blood vessels, which are coated with a layer of solid material called keratin. Dog claws are not living tissue, therefore their pruning is not painful for your pet. Claws also attached to the bone so that any damage could result in it infection, which can be very serious.

As a rule, on each front foot there are 5 claws and 4 a claw on each back, but sometimes an extra claw is located higher on the foot. All but the extra claws are usually worn, if the dog walks on hard surfaces, which makes them pruning not required. Additional claws do not wear out, so they should be cut more often, as they are more prone to breaking.

What to do if a dog breaks a claw?

If your dog whines with pain and suddenly starts to limp or hold your paw, then check this paw for claw integrity and follow these steps:

  1. Hold your dog safely. Ask hold someone your pet while you will inspect the claw. Remember that even the most affectionate and good the animal can bite when it is very painful. Hold dog in a tight embrace, it immobilizes her and helps to feel yourself safe.
  2. Stop the bleeding by wrapping the paw with a bandage gauze or towel and providing a pressure bandage. If bleeding does not stop for 5-10 minutes, it is necessary apply a styptic pencil or powder. They can purchased at a pet store and in the first aid section regular pharmacy. If you do not have these funds at home, then try spraying flour on the claw, or hold the tip of the claw in soap box to help stop bleeding faster.
  3. Remove the damaged part of the claw. Maybe, you will need to remove a claw piece with scissors, but if the injury is serious enough, it’s best to leave it to your to the vet. When you take the dog to the veterinarian, damaged Keep your foot wrapped in a towel.

The damaged part of the claw must be carefully removed. This the procedure is often very painful, but it goes fast enough and, usually does not require sedatives. Delete the damaged part of the nail will provide a good foundation for its future growth.

  1. Protection of the claw root from infection. Your vet apply an ointment antibiotic or powder to the root of the claw and bandage foot to prevent pollution and minimize further bleeding. Oral or oral administration may also be prescribed. injectable antibiotics. Since the claw is attached to the bone, infection prevention is key.
  2. Pain reduction. Without claw protection, tender tissue, including blood vessels and nerves, becomes painful. Your veterinarian can prescribe a dog for several days pain medication to provide her with some comfort.

How to help a dog avoid breaking a claw?

To reduce the chance of claw fracture, it is important to keep all claws dogs clipped. Short claws break less often than long. Ask your vet about the correct pruning technique, to cut claws at home.

Keep your dog’s claw care on your task list, along with walks and swimming, so you can prevent any incidents involving your dog’s claws.

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