First aid for a fallen and injured dogs

Even if the dogs have 4 legs, they are not safe from falls, for example, they can stumble on just one leg. Dogs, who have fallen from a height can suffer from dislocations, fractures, injuries head, chest and abdominal cavity, as well as from cuts. Small dogs can get severe damage after a fall. even from a small height. Miniature dogs are known to be able to break one or two legs by simply jumping off the couch.

First aid for a fallen and injured dogs

Dog after fall

If you see your dog fall, watch carefully after her for several days. Some injuries will become obvious right away, but others can only appear after a few hours after the fall. Even if you have not seen the dog fall, you should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • unwillingness to stand or walk
  • lying pain
  • hard gait
  • lameness
  • labored breathing
  • whining
  • lethargy
  • decreased appetite and difficulty in eating

First aid after the fall

Serious fall injuries should be examined immediately and processed by a veterinarian. But the first steps to helping at home should be undertaken as quickly as possible.

Control your breathing – if your dog is breathing with difficulty, then she needs emergency veterinary care and neat transportation, as it may be broken ribs.

  • For small dog breeds, support the dog by the chest cage and stomach, and carefully carry it into the machine.
  • For large dogs, use a towel or blanket to facilitate transportation. You can also use stretchers from hard material, for example, from a sheet of wood.
  • Dogs with rib fractures, if possible, should remain motionless to avoid puncture of the lungs so don’t let to get up if she prefers to lie or sit.
  • If the dog stops breathing, she needs ventilation lungs to maintain oxygen levels. Make a peculiar funnel, placing hands on her face. Breathe directly in your mouth dogs covering her nose. Proper ventilation must be followed. expansion of the chest. Take 15-20 breaths per minute until the dog does not start breathing on its own or until you arrive in the clinic.

Protect open wounds. If the dog’s skin was injured during the fall, wrap it with a clean towel to minimize pollution. This is especially important if you see open fracture, as bone infection can seriously complicate treatment.

Stop the bleeding. If the wound bleeds wrap a towel around the wound and tighten it slightly, ensuring slight pressure. If the towel fills with blood, do not remove him, just wrap another wound so as not to break a clot formed. Most bleeding stops in 5–10 minutes, however, in dogs with bleeding disorders It may take longer.

Watch the dog for several hours. Sometimes the dogs look quite normal after falling, they can even run and play. However, later they become lethargic and can quickly weaken, therefore it is important to closely monitor the animal for at least a couple of days. Deferred injuries can be punctures of the lungs, broken ribs, diaphragmatic hernia, injuries of internal organs, etc.

Examine the dog for head injuries – blood in eyes, nose, or mouth usually means head damage. Dogs usually swallow blood and lick it from their nose, so there is no need to control these bleeding. Just drive dog at the veterinary clinic.

Pay attention to back injuries. Dog, who suffers from back pain, will not be able to stand up and hold on, so it should lie still. Lay the dog on a solid carrier (stretcher), cover it with a blanket and urgently ask for help.

Watch the eating process and the toilet. Broken jaws are not always obvious damage. Look at the dog as she eats and drinks. If she whines when chewing, drooling excessively or showing unusual behavior, it should be shown to the veterinarian. To you also seek help if the dog does not urinate for 24 hours.

Prevention and prevention of falls in dogs

To avoid falls, teach your dog that jumping from furniture is not always safe. When hiking, keep your dog on a leash and in advance Explore risky ledges, ditches and ravines. Always be prepared for the unexpected because accidents happen without warning.

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