Fighting dog breeds

American Pit Bull Terrier

The main breeds that are used for dog fighting are American Pit Bull Terrier, Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, English Sports Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Presa Canario, Bulli Kutta, Central Asian Shepherd Dog and Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Japanese Tosa Inu and large breeds of terriers. And the most popular fighting breed in the world is an American pit bull terrier.

Dog fighting has been popular in many countries throughout stories and are still practiced both legally and illegally by to the whole world.

Pakistan and Afghanistan

Although illegal, but due to the lack of police attention here regular fights are held. The most common fighting breed in these places known as Bully Kutta or the Pakistan mastiff. Asian and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are also used.

Япония Japanese Tosa Inu

Собачьи бои были особенно развиты в городе Kochi. Dogs fought in the hedge until one of the dogs starts barking, screaming, or lose the will to fight. The owners had the right to throw away a towel to stop the match. Draws usually occur if both dogs stopped fighting or time limit reached. Dog – the champion was called yokozuna, as in sumo. Nowadays, despite animal protection laws; dog fighting is not prohibited in Japan, for the exception of Tokyo. Most fighting dogs in Japan are dogs breed Tosa Inu (Japanese mastiff), a special breed bred in Кочи.

Latin America

Dogo ArgentinoDog fights widely practiced in most countries of Latin America, especially in Argentina, Peru and many parts of Brazil (where dog fights are illegal). Great Dane of Argentina today is The most common breed for this bloody sport. Also the breed is Phil Brazilianro. American Pit Bull Terrier – another popular breed of dog that is commonly involved in dog fights.

United States

Dog fighting was popular until the 19th century. To the beginning of the 20th centuries, the cruelty inherent in dog fights was no longer perceived American society. They were becoming illegal, and this trend continues into the 21st century.

PresaDog fights are crime in 48 states and misconduct in Idaho and Wyoming. AT most states are breaking the law, being on fighting is also a violation of the law. Dog fights more and more practiced by gangs in low-income areas and associated with gambling.

The most popular fighting breeds in the USA are American Pit Bull Terrier, Great Dane and Presa Canario.


Although Russia has laws to protect animals, dog fights widely practiced. Laws prohibiting fights were passed in in certain places; in others, dog fighting is legal and conducted under the supervision of the All-Russian Association Wolfhound breeders.

American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English bull terrier, Asian and Caucasian Shepherd dogs are the most common fighting dog breeds in Russia.

Great Britain

In Roman times, dogs were mainly used in army battles, but later used for dog fights in the amphitheater. As far back as 1154 during the reign of Henry II the popular Entertainment was bullying a bull or a bear with dogs.

“Animal Cruelty Act” of 1835 in Great Britain was the first legislative act in the world to declared dog fighting illegal.

Now dog fights are illegal in all countries of the first world and in many third world countries. However, dog fights anyway held.

If you are interested in other fighting breeds then you can find in the list of fighting dog breeds

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