Eye and Dog Infections

Cats and dogs suffer from eye infections due to similar causes. and have similar symptoms. It is important that the pet owner understands certain signs and warning signals starting infections to prevent its development. The good news is that the vast majority of eye infections in both cats and dogs easily treated and does not cause severe harm and suffering for animal. Infections have various causes, such as rubbing the eye. due to a foreign object, bacteria, viruses and even such a serious cause like a tumor. To provide the most suitable treatment, it is important to know what was the source of the infection. Therefore, for determining if your pet has an infection, you must identify following symptoms:

Eye and Dog Infections

  • your pet rubs or touches his eyes
  • discharge from the eyes
  • eyes are swollen or red
  • eyes narrowed, pet avoids light
  • cloudy (foggy) eyes

You, as the owner, are likely to notice quickly enough, something unusual is happening with your pet’s eye and his behavior has changed a lot. Depending on the reason, if you noticed the infection in a timely manner, it can often be prevented. If the infection lasts more than a few days or gradually to the pet getting worse, you need to turn to to the vet.

Treatment and prevention

You can avoid some eye infections in your pet if You will maintain a good immune system. Many bacteria and viruses that lead to infections cannot develop if the animal has a strong immune system. For this, first make sure your cat or dog’s diet contains all the necessary nutrients and has quality Ingredients.

If you notice an eye infection in the early stages, you can try to start treatment at home with saline. Solution should contain about a quarter teaspoon of salt per glass boiled water. After preparing the solution, you need to wait until it cools down and becomes slightly warm, then it can be used to washing the eyes of the pet with a small syringe-pear. Rinsing should be carried out 3 times a day, and if after two days treatment condition has not improved, then you need to consult to the vet.

If your pet needs medical attention, the veterinarian will first start checking for infections caused by the virus or bacteria. If it turns out that bacteria are the cause, then, most likely, antibiotics will be prescribed to the pet, but if the cause If the virus is present, then a cream is required. In some cases both of these treatments may be required. Treatment duration will depend on the cause and severity of the infection and may take from a few days to a few weeks.

Natural remedies

Like medical products, there are many natural natural drugs that can completely cure the infection or help treatment with the usual medicine. The easiest way is it is a saline solution in which a few drops can be added candela, chamomile or eyebright. To help your pet fight infection, you can add green vegetables, vitamin C to his diet and E. You can give your dog vitamins intended for person, but at the same time you need to calculate their dosage for weight pet, or you can purchase vitamins developed specially for animals. It’s also sometimes recommended to add to the diet of sick pets a small amount of apple cider vinegar, to boost their immune system, however, this is not suitable for everyone pets!

Is conjunctivitis one of the eye infections?

Conjunctivitis in cats and dogs is often called the pink eye. This infection is a special case of eye infection and is treated as well as other similar infections. Pink eye causes redness, watery eyes and itching, and in fact it can be transmitted from dogs and cats to humans, so you must keep some distance with a sick pet and sterilize everything use to clean his eyes.

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