Dog sarcoptosis – symptoms and treatment

Sarcoptosis is a very contagious skin disease in dogs, which is caused by the scabies mite. These microscopic mites “burrow” into the skin and cause severe itching and irritation. Scabies, which accompanies sarcoptosis leads to severe prolapse wool in the animal. This disease is treatable but is very contagious for other animals, and for humans. To the owners pets are advised to keep pets during sarcoptosis treatment all dogs in quarantine.

Dog sarcoptosis - symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of Sarcoptosis

Symptoms of sarcoptosis in dogs are similar to other skin problems, such as purulent and fungal infections. Scabies mites prefer bare skin or with skin with short hair, therefore lesions are usually found in the joints, elbows and knee, on the stomach, and on the ears. Most common Symptoms are:

  • Severe scabies (very itchy)
  • Skin rash
  • The formation of scales on the affected skin
  • Hair loss (alopecia)

Causes of Sarcoptosis

The main cause of sarcoptosis infection is contact with to other infected animals, as ticks quickly spread from one animal to another. Shelters and nurseries for animals, Busy parks, hairdressers and veterinary clinics have the most high risks of infection due to the close proximity of animals. The first symptoms of sarcoptosis usually occur after 2 or 6 weeks.


The vet will first conduct a physical examination of the dog, possible problems such as food should be excluded allergies or bacterial infections of the skin (folliculitis). Accurate diagnosis of sarcoptosis is based on superficial scraping of the skin and microscopy.

Sarcoptosis treatment

Dogs that have a non-seasonal form of sarcoptosis are treated as usually with the help of anti-scab. In some cases dogs are recommended multiple bathing with a special shampoo, to kill all the ticks living on the skin. A single bath is not will kill their eggs, since most drugs only work on live ticks.

Sarcoptosis should be treated under veterinary supervision and with strict hygiene and quarantine rules to avoid re-infection and relapse. Against scabies mites many treatments have been developed, but some may do not work, because ticks develop resistance to them. AT medications such as ivermectin, ointments, containing sulfur, selamectin, doramectin and others. Depending on the dog conditions she will probably need a weekly bath for up to 6 weeks.

A full course of treatment can take four to six weeks. In addition, since this type of scabies is infected for humans and other animals, it is recommended to limit contact with the dog. AT in extreme cases, the animal may require quarantine.

In people who come in contact with a dog infected sarcoptosis, a rash may develop on the arms, chest, and abdomen. The problem is usually resolved after the first bath of the dog. A healthy immune system can help prevent recurrence. problems, therefore it is important to strengthen the body and maintain the dog in comfort throughout the treatment. If all the dogs in the house are correctly treated with anti-scab drugs, then the prognosis the treatment is safe.


There are currently no known preventive measures against sarcoptosis.

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