Dog names for the letter B

A puppy in the house is a lot of positive emotions, a lot of positive, funny commotion, but you should not forget about obligations. Among other concerns of new owners, the question arises – how name a new family member? Perhaps the search circle will narrow down to names, starting with a certain letter. If you are interested in nicknames for dogs the letter “B”, then the following information may be useful.


  • 1. Nicknames for a puppy-boy with the letter “B”
    • 1.1. Beautiful nicknames
    • 1.2. Short nicknames
    • 1.3. Funny nicknames
    • 1.4. Double nicknames
  • 2. Nickname for the puppy girl on “B”
    • 2.1. Beautiful nicknames
    • 2.2. Short nicknames
    • 2.3. Funny nicknames
    • 2.4. Complex nicknames

Nicknames for a puppy-boy with the letter “B”

The name for the four-legged little toddler-boy can be anything – beautiful, colorful, funny or affectionate, the main thing is that the dog he came running when he heard him, and the owners liked to repeat him.

Beautiful nicknames

The pride of the owner for his pet can be expressed in beauty his name: Babylon, Wagai, Wagner, Valadar, Valentino, Valdi, Valmont, Valdasar, Waltz, Valdemar, Valkyr, Vanilli, Vancouver, Vander, Warlen, Varangian, Basilik, Basilisk, Watson, Washington, Vegas, Vesuvius, Vector, Veles, Velor, Giant, Beelzebub, Vens, Vincent, Ventura, Faithful, Vermouth, Heather, Wind, Vizier, Viking, Viscount, Willie, Villefort, William, Vincent, Vintage, Winston, Virage, Knight, Vitas, Whirlwind, Tuft, Lord, Leader, Woland, Voltaren, Free, Volt, Wolf, Raven, Wrangel, Volcano, Wulf. Dog names for the letter B

Names from this category can easily be abbreviated if pronunciation of the full version is difficult, or immediately choose something short – from four, three or even two letters.

Short nicknames

It’s very convenient for both the owner himself and his little friend, when the nickname is short: White, Wipe, Van, Varna, Wars, Wark, Wars, Web, Vence, Wentz, Werth, Vex, West, Wi, Wii, Wing, Vir, Vip, Vick, Vito, Wolf, Worth, Wong, Howl, Wu, Woody, Wade, Ven, VIP, Ox, Ox, Whoopi, Woof, Warrior.

Funny nicknames

Almost all puppies look like funny little ones, but, growing up, many of them turn into serious dogs. It follows consider, choosing the original nickname that causes a smile:

Vampire, Ghoul, Valenok, Valek, Vandal, Barbarian, Wasabi, Vasek, Waflik, Winnie the Pooh, Cog, Winchester, Whiskey, Virus, Validol, Roly, Wupsen, Lucky, Whack, Screech, Vintage, Sparrow, Valuev, Cornflower, Cornflower, Grapes, Corolla, Verzila, Spinning Tail, Viva, Virtuoso, Spinning top, Grumbler, Merry fellow, Flash.

Double nicknames

All puppies with a pedigree, but sometimes the reason for the double nickname is disagreement among owners who cannot choose one thing.

  • Van Dam;
  • Van Drake;
  • Jolly Roger;
  • Very good;
  • Vice President
  • Wilgelm the conqueror;
  • Willy Wonka;
  • Virtual hero;
  • Vito Carleone;
  • Vernon Priest;
  • Van Gogh;
  • Van Helsing;
  • The wind of change;
  • Jolly Roger;
  • Free wind;
  • Velemir Mirny;
  • Vul Mark;
  • Volcano Casino;
  • Western Union;
  • Vincent Strong;
  • Valdemar the Victorious;
  • Vroom Vroom;
  • Whiskey De Luxe.

It doesn’t matter if the baby has a breed or is a mestizo, difficult he has a nickname or simple, the main thing is that he fall into good hands and became a real friend.

Nickname for a puppy girl on “B”

A girl dog can be miniature, huge, fun or serious, but for the owner she will always be a favorite. And her you need to pick a nickname that is best suited emphasizing its features.

Beautiful nicknames

The following names will help emphasize the beauty of the pet and its character: Wag, Wajda, Waiti, Wanda, Vendée, Vangelia, Vanessa, Vanilla, Vanyara, Barbara, Valaroma, Valissa, Valencia, Valiera, Valdiva, Valdai, Valturia, Valmir, Varley, Warsaw, Vaselika, Vaselina, Vassa, Weleda, Velissia, Wenge, Venus, Venus, Venus, Venus, Venezuela, Vestal, Viscountess, Vialia, Vizaria, Byzantium, Vectra, Venice, Westfalica, Veronique, Verna, Versailles, Versailles, Spring, Vesta, Wally, Free, Wave, Volga, Verona, Vorozheya, Valenta, Blizzard, Valley, Vivienne, Virginia, Viola, Violetta, Vitalina, Vladlen.

Short nicknames

A puppy girl can also pick up a nickname, consisting of 3-4 letters. As you know, I’m sorry for the dogs to understand her: Vara, Vaga, Vasa, Veta, Wadi, Vei, Vaya, Viva, Visa, Via, Wii, Vega, Vira, Vienna, Vita, Believe, Vichy.

Funny nicknames

In the case of funny names, do not forget – it can be funny, funny, expressive, but should not be offensive for a four-legged girlfriend:

Wax, Currency, Vanilla, Mittens, Vaska, Vasyanya, Cheesecake, Sorceress, Vendetta, Vestal, Veselin, Veselka, Velvet, Veil, Freckle, Viagra, Fork, Villa, Villa, Winky, Windows, Vitamin, Whirlwind, Whirlwind, Cherry, Cherry, Currency, Waffle, Grunt, Villi, Branch, Vee-Vee, Woopsi, Harm, Vistula. Dog Names

It turns out originally when a fairly large lady gets nickname Vetochka, Vilochka, Vasenka, and the tiny one becomes Giantess or Verziloy.

Complex nicknames

When choosing, you can not limit yourself to one name, but borrow celebrity name or surname collocation.

  • Winona Ryder;
  • Vanessa Paradis;
  • Vanessa May;
  • Wanda Orchid;
  • Vasilisa Mikulishna;
  • Venus of Milos;
  • Whoopi Goldberg;
  • Vivien leigh;
  • Viva Foreve;
  • Star of bethlehem;
  • Spring drops;
  • Velichava Pava;
  • Velor chic;
  • Water lily;
  • Air kiss;
  • Eastern beauty;
  • Rising star;
  • Victoria City
  • Victoria Strawberry;
  • Vintage baby.

The name for the dog is no less important than the name for the person. She able to influence the character and even the fate of the pet. And besides it’s the owner who has to say the name of his dog more than once a day, therefore, it’s worth taking seriously the choice and correctly name favorite.

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