Dog Gon – Top 10 Frequently Asked of issues

If you are the owner of an unsterilized female, then how only she will reach maturity, estrus, or gon, she will have take place regularly once or twice a year. This period is also called “mating season”. If you intend to breed your dog, then you, of course, need to keep it full, and also learn about when and how to pass the rut in dogs, how to deal with it, and how look after her. Care for a dog in the mating season is somewhat harder than caring for a sterilized bitch. So, if you decide for breeding, then let’s look at the 10 most frequently asked questions about bitches, their estrus and mating season.

Dog Gon - Top 10 Frequently Asked of issues

1. What is a rut or mating season?

The rut is called the natural reproductive cycle unsterilized dogs, when she becomes fertile, and, therefore, to pregnancy. It remotely looks like periods menstruation in humans. When a dog enters a gon, it will begin to secrete characteristic odors and exhibit signals that will attract males.

2. When does the dog have the first estrus and the first rut?

Usually the first estrus in dogs occurs at the age of about 6 months, although in some dogs this can happen at the age of 1 year. If your bitch had her first birthday and she still has was not estrus, then you should ask the veterinarian that he checked her and made sure that there were no problems for her no occurrence.

3. How often do bitches enter the race?

It depends on the particular dog, but, as a rule, the race for bitches occurs once or twice a year. Gap between estrus in the average is 6-8 months, however, again, this period significantly different from dog to dog.

4. How long does a dog run?

The duration of the rut and estrus in dogs is about 3 weeks, although the duration may vary between dogs. Estrus A duration of 2 to 4 weeks is considered normal. If your dog’s estrus lasts more than 4 weeks, then you should contact to the veterinarian for advice, as this may be related to a disease.

5. How do I know if a dog is running?

The vulva of a female will become slightly swollen, and her tail will most likely will be raised often. The dog will also begin to estrus, although perhaps in subtle quantities, especially in small dog breeds.

Her behavior may also change, she will become more sticky and needy than usual and you may often have to deal with all the annoying males at some distance from home.

6. At what stage can a bitch conceive?

Your bitch can only conceive during estrus. Get pregnant the dog can at any time while estrus lasts, but by the effective time from the point of view of conception is the interval between 10 and 15 days from the start of the cycle (estrus).

7. Is it possible to breed a dog during its first estrus?

Theoretically, your bitch will be quite capable of conceive and get pregnant during her first estrus, so you should take care of her and keep her away from males during this time. Breeding a bitch during the first estrus is not recommended, since it is likely not to be fully formed adult dog. You must wait at least a second estrus, before considering breeding.

8. How to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in a bitch when her estrus?

This can be a big challenge for you! Males with pretty long distances can smell that your dog is in heat, even if you keep her at home or in the garden. Any free dogs in neighborhoods will probably gather near your home, and wait for a possible mating with your bitch.

You can still walk with your bitch while she has estrus, but you will need to do this with extreme caution. Interested in mating will be not only males, but she she will want to mate with them. You will have to keep your dog constantly on a leash and limit your walks to places where other dogs walk freely.

9. Is it possible to sterilize a dog while it continues estrus?

If you decide to sterilize your bitch and you have no intentions breed it, it is important that you consult with your vet when it’s best done. Sterilization during estrus is more risky than at any other time. If not no urgent reason for sterilization, then the veterinarian is more likely total refuses to carry out the operation until estrus to stop.

10. If the dog becomes old, will she have menopause?

When your dog gets older she will still be able to conceive and become pregnant during estrus until the end of her of life. Her fertility may decline slightly, but she will not same menopause as humans. When the bitch gets older you like before, you can sterilize her, even after she feed several litters. This will help reduce her likelihood. the development of potential complications associated with uterine infections and pregnancy.

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