Dog food for dogs – list and rating popularity

If you want to feed your dog only high quality, natural food, it is not necessary to purchase meat and other products separately and carefully select a diet. For this there are ready-made solutions – holistic feed, the highest quality category of dry food for dogs offered by modern by manufacturers. It is a separate, specially designed super premium feed subcategory that includes the best mixtures that have received high marks from both specialists and owners animals.

Feed Holistic

This category of feeds includes dry mixes from products the highest quality, and most importantly, the highest percentage the content of natural meat from all classes of feed, which makes up from 50 to 80%. Moreover, in the composition are absent offal, and the amount of vitamins needed for your pet, minerals and trace elements provide fruits, berries and vegetables.

Dog food for dogs - list and rating popularity

It should be noted that, despite the usefulness of any of varieties of holists, they differ in formula and approach manufacturer, can be designed for different breeds of dogs, ages and physiological conditions. In some species connected several types of meat, others completely lack cereals, and others focus on a variety of fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables. Despite that all holistic are useful and nutritious, as is the case with other feeds, individual selection is recommended taking into account breed, age and health of the animal.

List of Holistic Feed

By purchasing natural food for your pet, you are undoubtedly expect to get just a holistic, and not the usual super-premium class, not to mention less quality categories. Unfortunately, there are frequent cases when sellers under the guise of a natural product trying to sell a product of another class. And if instead a recognized product, such as Go Holistic feed, you offer another, be sure to check its compliance with this subcategories.

Go holistic feed

Below we have listed the most popular and recognized dog breeders feed holistic:

  • Acana (Akana);
  • Applaws
  • ANF Holistic;
  • Belcando (Belcando);
  • Earthborn Holistic;
  • Food Signature Holistic;
  • Farmina N&D;
  • GO! NATURAL Holistic;
  • Golden Eagle;
  • NOW Fresh (NOW Natural holistic);
  • Orijen (Origen);
  • Grandorf (Grandorf);
  • CANIDAE (Kanide);
  • Piccolo;
  • Taste of the Wild;
  • Wolfsblut;
  • Genesis Pure Canada;
  • CarniLove;
  • Sava


Rating holistic feed

As you can see, a large number of brands are represented on the market. The rating of holists for you can help you make your choice. dogs of 2018, based on the popularity of feed among owners animals that have purchased a product for their pet for the last few year s. Leading Five Introduced holistic, but we want to note that other products deserve your attention, because they are all made from the highest quality and natural ingredients.

The first five holistic feeds:

  1. Acana (Akana), feed from one of the leading Canadian manufacturers.
  2. Feed Go Holistic, GO! NATURAL Holisti. Also available in Canada.
  3. Origen. Third place also belongs to the Canadian brand.
  4. Grandorf is a high quality dry food from Belgium.
  5. NOW Fresh. Closes the top five is another Canadian brand.

Feed Reviews

On our website and in online stores a large the number of reviews written by dog owners who tried or other feed-holistic. In general, they are positive, although there are some nuances. So, for example, hypoallergenic food Grandorf food was perfect for one dog, but caused problems with gases from another.

Another example, Valentina, a Chihuahua mistress from Moscow, is high appreciated the four-grain cereal feed Go Holistic four types of meat, herbs and vegetables. The dog liked the food, before that very picky in the choice of feed. The only drawback was large granule size, which was difficult for small dogs. However, this did not become a serious obstacle.

Prices of feedstock

The cost of natural products cannot be low, especially if they are optimally balanced and contain all the necessary useful substances for dogs. Estimated cost is from 800 to 2000 rubles per pack of 2 kg. Holistic feed produced mainly in packages of 2-3 kg.

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