Dog food classes – description and rating

Dry dog foods are quite convenient and beneficial as owners, as well as their pets, but the satisfaction of internal needs in vitamins and minerals of animals depends on several factors, and product quality is often the most important. In most dry feed contains the optimal amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, they are divided by age, complexion and other features. Nutrition is also prevention the appearance of tartar, while the daily portion of food is already calculated by the manufacturer, it is only necessary to adapt it to weight of the pet. As for the owners, the dry food is excellent stored and does not require cooking. Of course, quality plays an important role. feed, its composition. And help find out how good this or that food for your pet will help class the product.

Economy class feed

The most inexpensive and mass feed category is attractive, first of all, at its cost. In their composition there is practically no meat. All the meat portion of the feed consists of offal and bone meal. Main the same percentage of the mass is occupied by plant components – soy, as well as wheat, corn and other cereals. These feeds will allow your the pet will get enough, but as for the benefits, the effect will be very doubtful. They attract animals, first of all, flavors and enhancers.

Economy class

Feed List:

  • Pedigree
  • Cesar
  • Chappi (Chappi)
  • Darling (Darling)
  • Stout
  • Our brand
  • Meal

Premium class

This category includes feeds containing up to 25-30% of meat and offal. They are better than the previous one. class thanks to natural meat components. Plant part The product usually contains rice. These feeds are well absorbed. have a balanced composition and will undoubtedly benefit your pet. However, amplifiers are found in some products. taste. Therefore, for puppies recommended feed of a higher, super premium.

Premium Feed Rating:

  • Royal Canin (Royal Canin) – the most popular
  • Probalance
  • Pro Plan
  • Hills (Hills) – the second most popular
  • Purina ONE (Purina Van)
  • Brit Premium (Brit Premium)
  • Advance
  • Nature’s protection
  • Chicopee

Super Premium Feed

High quality feeds containing at least 25% natural meat and offal. This food is well absorbed. the dog’s digestive system, contains foods high quality. The main sign is the presence in the feed. exclusively meat, without bone meal. Offal can also be present, but only quality and in clearly marked proportions. Also, the composition of the feed often includes fish, selected cereals and other beneficial herbal ingredients.

This category also produces specialized feed for animals with certain health problems. It could be food for dogs with reduced immunity, diabetes and others diseases. Formulations for puppies are also available. veterinarians recommend using instead of products premium, not to mention the economy. There are no flavors and artificial flavor enhancers.


Super Premium Feed List

  • 1st Choice (Fest Choyce)
  • Eukanuba (Eukanuba) – the most popular
  • Schesir
  • Josera (Josera)
  • Trainer (Trainer)
  • Gina (Gina Elite)
  • Pronature Original
  • Nutram
  • Arden Grange
  • Monge
  • Dukes farm
  • Brit Care
  • Barking heads
  • Dailydog
  • Genesis pure

Feed Holistic

The healthiest and highest quality dry food option for dogs any age. Holivics contain large amounts of meat, not contain offal, not to mention bone meal and others substances. Also in this category of feed include natural sources of vitamins and minerals – fruits, vegetables and berries. All elements are perfectly balanced, products are complete and contain everything necessary for the animal’s body substances. Of course, at a price they are more expensive than all other categories of feed, but it is justified by the undoubted benefit for your pet.


Rating holists:

  • Acana (Akana) – the most popular
  • SAVARRA (Savara)
  • Now Fresh (Know Fresh) – second most popular
  • Grandorf (Grandorf)
  • Orijen
  • Canidae (Canide)
  • Applaws
  • Go natural holistic
  • Summit
  • ANF Holistic
  • Holistic blend
  • Pronature holistic

Wet feed

A separate type of feed produced in the form of paste, canned food and spiders. The meat content may be different and you need to carefully study the label. Most of all meats contain canned food, it is possible even visually identify by looking at the product in an open jar. In moist foods contain cereals, fish, offal, as well as vegetables and other sources of vitamins. Quality and percentage depends on class. Like dry foods, wet dog foods are divided into economy, premium and super-premium. Something like this the content of meat, offal and other healthy products is also substances.

List of basic wet foods:

  • Economy class – Chappi, Pedigree, Cesar, Happy Dog, Darling, Eat no problem;
  • Premium Class – Hills, Purina Pro Plan, Dr. ALDER’s, Royal Canin, Brit Premium;
  • Super Premium Feed – Arden Grange, Eukanuba, Animonda, Berkley, Almo Nature.

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