Dog brushing

Why is it necessary to brush a dog’s teeth?

It is estimated that about 2/3 of all dogs over three years old have periodontal disease, inflammation or infection of the tissues surrounding teeth. Periodontal disease begins with gingivitis caused by a sticky coating. and tartar, which can progress to bone tissue. If untreated, periodontal disease can lead to painful tooth loss.

Dog brushing

When should a dog brush his teeth?

Like humans, ideally you need to brush your dog’s teeth daily. Many dogs quickly get used to such cleaning and even begin to enjoy it. Brushing your teeth twice a week will also be very useful if your schedule is very busy and you just don’t have time for daily cleaning.

The best way to teach a dog to brush is to brush her teeth with early age. If you have an adult dog, then training to clean it teeth can take a little more time and effort.

How to brush your teeth in dogs so that she gets used to to this?

In order to successfully brush your dog’s teeth, you must make this experience positive for both of you. You should praise the dog throughout the procedure and reward him with completion of each stage. To quickly train your dog to To brush your teeth at home, follow these steps:

  • Choose a quiet place and time for the procedure.
  • If your dog is small enough, then keep her head facing you. If the dog is larger, then you should sit on a chair next to her, so that it is convenient for you to reach her mouth and teeth.
  • Start brushing the outside of your teeth soft and damp. cloth using forward and backward movements. Be careful and stay out of the line of teeth to avoid accidental bite.
  • For the first few approaches you should be wiped and cleaned only a few teeth, not the whole mouth, especially if your pet nervous during the procedure.
  • After the dog begins to feel enough comfortable during cleaning, try using a little special toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste for people – it is not intended to be swallowed.
  • After the dog gets used to the taste of toothpaste for animals, you can apply a small amount of it to the fabric and in the usual way, start brushing your pet’s teeth.
  • After that, when the dog gets used to the procedure, to the paste and will feel good enough throughout the procedure, You can start using a toothbrush.

Can i use regular toothpaste for people?

Conventional pastes for people contain ingredients that cannot be to swallow. If the dog swallows them, they can cause an upset. stomach or digestion. Some toothpastes for people contain high sodium levels that can even hurt your dog.

Is it possible to use food soda?

No. Baking soda has a high level of alkali, and therefore may disrupt the acid-base balance in the stomach and digestive the path of the dog. In addition, soda tastes unpleasant and can greatly bother the dog.

Why is animal toothpaste recommended?

Such toothpastes have a number of suitable flavoring agents, such as poultry, beef or mint. When using paste with with the right flavor, the dog is more likely to get used to the procedure and even begin to enjoy the process.

How to brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush.

  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush. Caution raise the dog’s lips on one side. You can do it with using the index finger of a free hand.
  • To brush your lower teeth, you need to slightly open your mouth dogs. This can be done by gently tilting the dog’s head back, and hold her upper jaw with your thumb free hands.
  • At the beginning of brushing, focus on large teeth and fangs, where the most plaque accumulates. Then, gradually walk through other teeth (this may take several days or weeks).
  • Do not worry about brushing the inside of your teeth. Most periodontal diseases are due to external surface. In addition, the dog’s tongue is usually independent removes the main plaque from the teeth inside. You should clean and internal surfaces of teeth only if the dog is very accustomed and you see a benefit from this.

How long should a dog brush his teeth?

The approximate duration of brushing on one side of the teeth should be take about 30 to 60 seconds.

What else should you know about brushing your teeth?

The dog’s mouth contains many harmful bacteria, therefore it is imperative that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap after finish the procedure. In addition, you should rinse the tooth brush after each cleaning. If you have several dogs, then you should have a separate toothbrush for each of them.

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