Dog breeds with dreadlocks – photos and names

Dogs whose hairstyle is very similar to dreadlocks, in fact, don’t make them in trendy grooming salons, but get them in a natural way. This type of hairstyle is found in dogs with hard wool, which naturally twists together, forming a kind of “rope” that looks like dreadlocks.


Most dogs with this type of coat were originally bred. like shepherds, for grazing and protecting livestock. Their unique wool protected them from bad weather conditions and even in attacks some predators. Such rocks are the well-known Bullets, Komondor, Bergamo Shepherd, Spanish Water Dog and Havanez s curly hair. Poodle wool can also naturally weave into “cords”.


Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names


Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names

Bergamo Shepherd:

Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names

Spanish Water Dog:

Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names


Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names


Dog breeds with dreadlocks - photos and names

All these breeds have curly curly fur, similar in texture. on woolen fabric, which over time weaves into separate long “tricks”. These “cords”, or dreadlocks, in puppies usually begin to form from 9 months of age or after seasonal molt.

Hair care

Caring for such a coat can be quite time-consuming. AT unlike other breeds, you should not allow your puppy with dreadlocks run around the yard and ride in the mud. On the other hand you can prevent the formation of warlocks. To use traditional combing with a regular brush, you have to do it is on a daily basis. In the future, it will also be contribute to the formation of the right “dreadlocks”, but separate them each other will have to manually.


To keep your fashionable puppy’s skin and coat clean, you should bathe it every 2-4 weeks, depending on how dirty he is. Use a small amount of shampoo and a shower to carefully soap your pal and his dreadlocks. Gently massage and squeeze them with your hands to lather each separate dreadlock. Then wash the coat thoroughly and after final rinse completely dry the dog with soft towels and hairdryer.

Tips & Considerations

Without proper care, wool in the form of dreadlocks can become confused, smelling foul and even moldy. At the first the growth of “dreadlocks” wool may seem untidy and confused, but this is a normal condition that can last a few months, when dreadlocks first form and then begin to grow. If you can’t handle your coat on your own buddy, seek help from a professional groomer, who is familiar with this kind of breed.

Please note that payment for bathing, cleaning and drying the dog with dreadlocks it can be more than for a dog with a traditional type wool. Trim and trim dreadlocks as needed, so that you and the dog do not stumble over them. In addition, if the wool start to smell strongly or mold has appeared in it, you may significant trimming is required so that the hair can grow with zero.

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