Do dogs recognize facial expressions and others emotions?

Dog owners consider their pets to be part of the family and their full members. Both humans and dogs have similar social systems that connect together into one family are enough OK. And the long-term relationship that is developing between members families when they spend time together and live in immediate intimacy, can be expressed in emotional experiences.

Do dogs recognize facial expressions and others emotions?

Close relationships are based on good communication. Oral communication is a unique way of communication for every kind, however, there are other ways besides him, such as expression faces and body language. These methods allow dogs to understand us.

How does the relationship between man and dog develop?

The relationship between dog and man has changed for many years back. Dogs today are no longer kept just so that they worked, for example, protecting a house or cattle. With the advent of modern feed and improve veterinary care, dogs moved from streets home and have already settled there. In the new environment, dogs learned how to better determine a person’s mood, his needs, and were rewarded for this with food, shelter, and, of course, love. These rewards reinforce dog incentives to better understand people.

People are the center of the universe for dogs. They are completely dependent on us, from food and shelter, so dogs watch us everywhere and follow literally every step we take. They know when we relaxed or tense, happy or angry, focused or available for play. They are smart creatures who understand that our mood affects them. A good mood can mean that they you need to snuggle up to us, and the bad thing is that you need, for example, to hide under the bed.

Dogs don’t have to understand our every word in order to understand the essence conversation, especially since speech is only 10% of our communications. Non-verbal poses, gestures and facial expressions make up the remaining 90% of what we are talking about is why our dogs learned pick up these physical signals most carefully.

How do dogs recognize facial expressions?

Mutual observation of a dog and a person is also a means communications. Most dog owners acknowledge that their pets recognize their facial expression. For example, frowning to talk with a puppy is a sign that something is amiss, and a smile owner – can make him wag his tail. Today exist scientific evidence for this.

A study in the UK showed the ability of dogs to recognize our facial expressions. During the tests, 12 images were shown to dogs: 2 images with people expressing anger, 2 – neutral, 2 – with positive feelings, and the same images with other dogs. Scientists measured the reaction dogs on facial expressions and dogs. They concluded that dogs more sensitive to changes in the facial expressions of other dogs, but they also quite sensitive to facial expressions of people!

How well do dogs recognize facial expressions?

Studies show that dogs have social skills on the level of infants aged 6 months to 2 years. Ability Facial recognition is a skill that is being developed. Dogs like children understand the cause and effect from an early age. Dogs know that the licking of the owner’s hand will be rewarded with a smile, and her biting – will lead to an angry facial expression.

Both babies and dogs develop social skills when watching adults, copying their facial expressions and body language. Dogs learn from their owners too. Studies show that dogs, like babies, keep a good eye on adults people.

How to check a dog that it recognizes facial expression?

Try the experiment yourself. Sit opposite your dog and smile broadly. Your dog is likely to relax their ears and begin to wag their tail. Then turn away and look a frown on her with wrinkles on her forehead. Your dog rather all, answer this with your guilty look. Your dog like her ancestors developed certain abilities to recognize and respond to changes in the emotions and expressions of our faces.

So the simple answer to this difficult question would be yes! Dogs recognize the expression on our faces, which makes them beautiful. members of our families.

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