Do dogs distinguish colors?

I heard that dogs can only see black and white. it true?

When you look at a rainbow in the sky, you see shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and some others. Can your dog distinguish all the colors that you see you? Does she see stripes in black and white? Do these colors look blurry?

Do dogs distinguish colors?

Do dogs see colors – this question is a long-standing subject The studies and their results are quite surprising. Although dogs are not can distinguish all the colors that people see, their world is not at all black and white. In fact, dogs live in pretty colorful the world.

What makes a color so colorful?

Colors vary with the help of nerve cells in the eye. Retina eyes consists of two main stem cells that define the level of illumination and dynamics, and cones that distinguish colors. There are three types of cones in the human eye that can identify combinations of red, blue, and green. In dogs there are only two types of cones that only blue can distinguish and yellow – this perception of color is called two-color vision

People can see more colors and shades than dogs, but, however, the dog’s eye contains more stem cells, allowing her to see well in low light conditions and identify moving objects.

What is color blindness?

Color blindness is a term used to define ability to perceive color. In humans, the degree of color blindness depends on what receptors he is able to perceive color. There are two main types of color blindness in people: red-green and blue yellow. A person with red-green color blindness cannot distinguish between these two colors. It makes a Christmas celebration for him. pretty boring! In another case, a person with a blue-yellow color blindness will not be able to distinguish between yellow and blue shirts.

When it comes to color discrimination, a dog with normal vision is most like a person who has red-green color blindness. I must say that no other the degree of color blindness in dogs is not fixed.

How can one compare a dog’s eyesight with a person’s eyesight?

Just because dogs don’t perceive other colors spectrum as people, this does not mean that they do not perceive color generally. They simply cannot see the “real” color of the object.

For example, dogs see red as dark gray or as the black. Yellow, orange and green they see slightly yellowish. Our furry friends see the blue color as we do, but the violet color they see, again, like blue. If with a dog play with yellow or red balls, she will not distinguish between them. TO fortunately, dogs have a great sense of smell, so they like as a rule, they will easily determine that it is a different ball.

In addition to color perception, dogs and people have others differences in vision. In some respects, the dog’s vision is not as sharp as humans. Dogs are more myopic than us. At sight to an object from the same distance, it can be clear to us, but blurry for dogs. Dogs are also less sensitive to change. brightness. In general, dogs simply cannot perceive colors as well rich and bright like us.

What other differences are there between dogs and humans?

Dogs have some vision benefits over people. The eyes of the dogs are set more on the sides of the head, which allows they have a wider angle of peripheral vision than ours. it balanced by the fact that they have less visual acuity and colors are not perceived as deeply as we are.

Dogs have rod cages that allow them to capture as much light as possible. They also have reflective cells under the retina that form the tapetum. Tapetum does the dog’s eyes are “shiny” and also improves their ability to see in dim light.

Dogs also have more cells in the retina that are responsible for motion identification. This allows them to recognize movement even over long distances. Thus, the dog sees better when dim light (at dusk and dawn) and can more accurately to determine the movement.

Why do dogs have such specific vision?

Nature provided dogs with special visual abilities, which allow them to survive and thrive in the wild nature. Seeing well at dusk and discerning the slightest movement in the forest at a great distance, the dog becomes a good hunter. These abilities also help the dog understand that it can become victim and must escape.

Times have changed, and most dogs today are members human families when they are provided with the necessary food, as well as protection from predators. However, these visual abilities in dogs remain unchanged.

Why pet owners should be aware of their visual abilities?

Understanding how and what your dog can see, you can handle it properly. For example, you should stick the color scheme of your dog when buying toys for her. Her like yellow and blue toys more than red ones. You will understand why your pet is distracted by a bird flying far away. You will also learn how to get all her attention – you must stand right in front of her, closing the maximum angle of her vision.

And the next time you are lucky to see a rainbow in the sky, you You will be sure that your dog also enjoys it. She is not will see all the colors of the rainbow, but will be able to identify yellow and blue colors. And it will be great for her!

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