Defects and defects in dachshunds

Since dachshunds are an achondroplastic breed, this dogs are characterized by some defects and defects. Achondroplasia is a form of dwarfism that leads to classic short legs at dachshunds. The breed also quite often has other deformation. Some of them require surgical intervention. Taxes with defects and defects must not be allowed to breeding.

Defects and defects in dachshunds

Curvature of the legs

Leg curvature is a genetic disorder that affects only a small percentage of fees. The disease is also known as hock deformity, individuals prone to upset, may have a defect on both one and both hind legs.

Although curvature is often apparent, other symptoms may be lame, exercise intolerance and general lethargy. Taxes with mild defects may not show no symptoms. Surgery may fix condition, but it can be quite expensive.

Deformation of the anterior spine

Deformation of the anterior spine in dachshunds – condition, with which one front paw continues to grow and the other stops its development. Ultimately, the dog has different forepaws. size, so it can suffer greatly and have an abnormal gait. Small dogs, such as dachshunds, have a difference in length limbs usually leads to joint problems. If your the dog is in pain from deformity, your veterinarian may prescribe her medicine for pain relief.

Elbow dysplasia

Dachshunds with this disorder are born with abnormal elbow joints. While some dogs have a disease asymptomatic, in many dogs it’s clear that something isn’t So. Symptoms can be short steps and fuzzy, hard gait. Dysplasia of both elbow joints is not uncommon. Your veterinarian may prescribe a medicine to reduce pain. To correct the condition, the veterinarian may also recommend surgery your dog.

Color defects

Color change gene along with discoloration and spotting wool can sometimes cause deafness and blindness in dachshund puppies. Some dogs may have one or two blue eyes. Breeding two spotted dogs is usually a recipe for disaster. Breeding spotted and standard black and tan or red dachshund usually leads to normal offspring and puppies rather total will be much healthier.

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