Decorative dogs

Decorative dogs give people the opportunity to not working dog, and a four-legged friend, as they say, “for the soul.” Most often, representatives of such breeds have compact dimensions and are perfect for apartment maintenance. But worth remember that, many of them received the status of an ornamental breed far from immediately and the blood of their more active ancestors flows in their veins. For example, not every little doggie can be an ideal pet. for a child, will be gentle and peaceful, or will begin to tremble, sensing danger. Not all of them are complaisant and demand attention and individual approach.


  • 1. Affenpincher
  • 2. Bichon Frize (French lapdog)
  • 3. Yorkshire Terrier
  • 4. Dwarf pinscher (miniature pinscher)
  • 5. King Charles Cavalier
  • 6. Chinese Crested Dog
  • 7. Maltese lapdog (maltese)
  • 8. Papillon
  • 9. Pekingese
  • 10. Petit-Brabancon (Brabant Griffon)
  • 11. Poodle
  • 12. Russian toy terrier
  • 13. Falen
  • 14. chihuahua
  • 15. Shih Tzu
  • 16. Japanese chin

Affinpincher Affenpincher

This is a harmonious doggie, which is a mixture of two breeds – pinscher and griffin. From the last they got a funny, flattened face with rich facial expressions.

A small dog that does not prevent him from being hardy, courageous, physically developed. Once these animals helped farmers get rid of hordes of large and arrogant rodents, today are family favorites, cheerful, perky and cheerful. In addition, they have not lost their working qualities, and to this day may perfectly catch rats and mice.

Bichon Frize (French lapdog) Bichon Frize (French lap-dog)

A dog with a graceful name, resembling in appearance and character gentle and airy dessert – marshmallows. Like most lapdogs, possesses curly hair, there is one color – white.

Bichon Frize is considered an ideal apartment option, family a pet that becomes a friend. The ancestors of these dogs were catching rodents, but their descendants are extremely decorative by individuals. They need attention, do not like loneliness and are happy to be next to family members.

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier

Tiny dogs of this breed have come a long way – from rat fighters in mines and stables, to saloon, aristocratic handsome men, stars of social events.

Today the breed is at the peak of popularity, and this, in to some extent, associated with the fashion for small dogs and tiny the size of york. But experts warn that so small The pet requires special care. The terrier should receive a lot of affection and attention, and his silky long coat needs regular procedures.

Dwarf Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher) Dwarf pinscher (miniature pinscher)

Another decorative pet, not without its temperament ancestors and outwardly resembling larger Dobermans. At dwarf pincher pronounced protective qualities, he wary of strangers, has increased activity and endurance, compared with other decorative counterparts.

The nature of these dogs is considered difficult, the pet is able to trick, be stubborn and manipulate. Therefore little doggie a firm hand and compulsory education are required. In this case, the pet will become a fun family member ready to raise mood.

King charles cavalier King

Compact Spaniel capable of performing certain hunting functions inherited at the gene level from ancestors. However when breeding the breed, another goal was pursued – to obtain beautiful, obedient and affectionate pet. Doggie It turned out tame, pretty and inquisitive.

Cavaliers love to play, show good results in sports competitions and friendly to all members families. You can make such a four-legged friend to people who do not have experience in dog breeding.

Chinese Crested Dog Chinese Crested Dog

It is believed that these are original dogs that may have wool, or to be practically without it, are from Africa. They are slightly larger than most decorative breeds, but with This is exclusively a family pet. They are not aggressive inquisitive and very loyal to their master and all members of the household, not choosing whom to love more.

Chinese crested is experiencing rudeness and neglect, directed to her, sensitively captures the mood of a person and does not imposes its communication. It’s hard to bear separation and loneliness, It feels good if there is someone in the house. Recommended keep such a dog with other animals, so it will be less miss and worry.

Maltese lapdog (maltese) Maltese lapdog (maltese)

This is an ancient breed, which, according to studies, originated in the territory of ancient China and only then appeared on Malta. Her representatives are small, funny dogs with a long, silky, snow-white coat.

Maltese is a good-natured, affectionate doggie who, in case of danger will rush to protect his master. This pet will not give get bored, and at the same time unobtrusive – it’s already by human intonation understands that while he is not configured to communicate.

A lap-dog can be started by people who do not have experience in terms of dog breeding, as well as if the house already has pets – maltese is able to establish friendships with all, in including with their own kind.

Papillon Papillon

This butterfly dog with upright ears resembling the wings of exquisite insects, leaves no one indifferent. The breed was already bred so that its representatives were a delight for the eye, kind and affectionate pets for the noble person Naturally, this was reflected in their character – papillons aristocratic, neat little dogs, distinguished by good manners.

Dogs of this breed do not have working qualities, need affectionate attention from the owner. Getting this a fourth friend, a person gets almost a child, vulnerable and sensitive.

Pekingese Pekingese

The representative of the oldest Chinese breed, possessing original appearance and narcissistic character that not surprising if you know the history of the breed. Pekingese by nature are phlegmatic people who do not like fuss and noise, respect measured pace of life.

These pets are jealous, capricious and love themselves. Due to flat faces, they often snore strongly during sleep. What then besides appearance, attracts people to these doggies? Pekingese fearless, unpretentious and suitable for the inexperienced dog breeders.

Petit Brabancon (Brabant Griffon) Petit

A kind of decorative griffon originally from Belgium, in contrast from other types, has a shorter coat. Once upon a time bird-brabancons were beloved doggies of noble Belgian nobles, and for some time there was even a ban on their breeding ordinary people.

In addition, history abounds with various stories when these small pets saved their owners from trouble, so their compared with guardian angels. To date, the breed is a rarity that further fuels the interest of fans such unusual dogs.

Poodle Poodle

Several universal dogs of various sizes that can be used as working dogs as well as be beautiful companions. Their intelligence is equivalent to the development of a 3 year old child, they do not fade and have no specific smell. Naturally it is makes poodles an attractive option for apartment content.

The largest of them are royal poodles, capable of assimilating any disciplines, medium and dwarf dogs most often are just favorites.

Russian toy terrier Russian toy terrier

Representatives of this decorative breed are the result breeding work of Russian dog handlers. They did breeding of exported toi from the UK and in parallel formed a new breed. On the existence of Russian toy terriers in the world only knew after removing the iron curtain, and so as representatives of the breed were numerous and of the same type – their almost immediately officially recognized.

Despite its miniature size, the Russian toy remains a terrier – he distrusts strangers and shows security quality. The rest is a gentle, responsive pet, adoring members of his family.

Falen Falen

If papillons are butterflies, then their relatives are falens – moths. These dogs are one of the varieties. continental toy spaniels, and they got their name because of hanging ears. The breed is quite old, has more than 700 years, and this is confirmed by multiple images of these dogs on frescoes of those times.

Modern owners are not only attracted to a pretty exterior look falenov, but also their light nature. They like to talk, find common language, both with people and with animals, unobtrusive, not require long walks and are clean.

Chihuahua Chihuahua

This oldest breed has developed by itself, without intervention person. Maybe that’s why her representatives are balanced, bold doggies, with a stable psyche. They are not suffer injustice, are distinguished by activity and feeling self worth.

Such a doggie is quite touchy, and if you scare him, then he will tremble. Chihuahua loves to play with children, but they can accidentally injure the baby, so communication is not recommended kids with such a pet, and also it is worth protecting him from the company waking up kids.

Shih tzu Shih

These beautiful animals are called chrysanthemums, “dogs Buddha’s and even lions. Shih Tzu have an attractive appearance, luxurious coat, but this is not all of their positive qualities. They are distinguished by friendliness, poise, calm temperament and devotion.

But in the content they are ambiguous – despite the fact that these dogs are not require a lot of space, unpretentious in food and have strong health, their coat needs regular, expensive care.

Japanese chin Japanese

Representatives of the breed are native Japanese and have a rich a story. These dogs are descended from spaniels from Tibet, his relatives are the Pekingese, cavalier king charles spaniels. AT ancient times they were a delight for the emperor, decoration palace, protection from dark forces and misfortunes.

Read also about dog care.

Today, hins are expensive dogs shining in show rings. and being pets, even pets – quiet and balanced. They are full of dignity and never lose. “faces”.

Decorative breeds – a huge number of different dogs, who are four-legged friends. Yes they are not capable to carry out any work, and this is not required of them. Them the main task is to be close to the person, share your positive and support when difficult.

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