Complex (double) nicknames for dogs

The nickname for the dogs is no less important than the name for the person. She affects the nature of the pet and even its fate. Double name of the dog give necessarily, if she has a pedigree. In other cases – a complex nickname is just the owner’s desire to somehow highlight reward your pet with a suitable name. What double nicknames for dogs – boys and girls, most often choose them the owners?


  • 1. Double nicknames for boys dogs
    • 1.1. Beautiful complex nicknames
    • 1.2. Funny nicknames for puppies of boys.
  • 2. Double nicknames for girls dogs
    • 2.1. Beautiful complex nicknames
    • 2.2. Funny names

Double nicknames for dogs of boys

Nicknames can be different – beautiful, funny, defiant smile or forcing to respect its owner. The only thing it’s unacceptable to give offense to your four-legged friend, insulting nickname.

Beautiful complex nicknames

In Russian, a favorite pet can be called: White snow, Great Caesar, Lord of Terra, Lionheart, Moonlight, Milky the way, Royal Elisha, Captain Blood, North Whirlwind, Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich, Phantom racer. Complex (double) nicknames for dogs read the article

In English – with translation, the following are suitable:

  • Angel of darkness (Angel Darkness) – angel of darkness;
  • Brave Lion (Brave Line) – a brave lion;
  • Golden Rain (Golden Rain) – golden rain;
  • Valiant Knight (Valiant Knight) – Valiant Knight;
  • Wastern Prince (Western Prince) – East Prince;
  • Wild West (Wild West) – wild west;
  • Star Rain (Star Rhine) – star rain;
  • Soft Whisper (Soft Whisper) – a quiet whisper;
  • Boiling Water (Boiling Water) – bubbling water;
  • Night Wolf (Night Wolf) – night wolf.

In addition, owners can name their pet after beloved hero – singer, actor. The dog can become Antonio Banderas, Alain Delon, Denis de Vito, Justin Timberlake, Stephen King or even Mike Wazowski or Willy Wonkom.

Funny nicknames for puppies of boys.

Funny nicknames are called pet boys, as a rule, people with a good sense of humor. In this case The following options are considered:

Jolly Roger, Winnie the Pooh, City Dude, Hot Pie, Uncle Styopa, Fanfan Tulip, Voiced peas, Evil genius, Bark beetle, Rahat-Lokum, Gray Goose.

No less interesting will be the nicknames that sound in English:

  • Big Foot (Big Foot) – big foot;
  • Green Pepper (Green Pepper) – green pepper;
  • Little Frog (Little Frog) – a little frog;
  • Little Bully (Little Bully) – a little bully;
  • Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) – Mickey mouse;
  • Sly Fox (Sly Fox) – sly fox;
  • Sweet Bagel (Sweet Bagel) – sweet bagel;
  • Funny Baby (Fanny Baby) – funny baby;
  • Funny Dodger (Fanny Dodger) – funny rogue.

You can also meet dogs nicknamed Burger King, Gene Tonic, Vroom Vroom, King Kong, Jack Sparrow – it all depends on the imagination and owner preferences.

Double nicknames for girls dogs

The kid wants to give all the best, including the name, which is best for her.

Beautiful complex nicknames

If we consider nicknames in Russian, then the most optimal will be: Spring drops, Domineering lady, Wild orchid, Goldfish, Moonlight Sonata, Frost haze, Northern Lights, The queen of the seas, the royal lady, the young diva.

In the English version, the following will be popular:

  • Falling Star (Falin Star) – a shooting star;
  • Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) – blue lagoon;
  • Beauty Night (Beauty Knight) – the beauty of the night;
  • Bright Sun (Bright Sun) – a bright sun;
  • Cherry Blossom (Cherry Blossom) – Sakura;
  • Golden Rose (Golden Rose) – a golden rose;
  • Merry Song (Merry Song) – a fun song;
  • Pandoras box (Pandora Box) – Pandora’s box;
  • Fierce Wolf (Fers Wolf) – a fierce wolf.

The names of famous foreign personalities, film stars, singers also can be a great nickname for a four-legged pet: Bridget Bordeaux, Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Eva Langoria, Keira Knightley, Liv Tyler, Elizabeth Taylor, Heidi Klum.

Funny names

In the Russian version, you can choose one of: Madame Clicquot, Mucha Buzzing, Fly Tsetse, Freken Bock, Chung-Chang, Frog in a box, Milk foam, Creamy fudge, Big beast. Difficult nicknames for dogs

The English variation sounds no worse:

  • Apple Pie (Apple Pie) – apple pie;
  • Busy Bee (Busy Bee) – hardworking bee;
  • Black Witch (Black Witch) – black witch;
  • Crazy Monkey (Crazy Monkey) – crazy monkey;
  • Lazy Dog (Leyz Dog) – a lazy dog;
  • Malibu Barbie (Malibu Barbie) – Barbie from Malibu;
  • Nice Ogress (Nice Ogress) – cute cannibal;
  • Platinum Blonde (Platinum Blonde) – platinum blonde;
  • Sweet Candy (Sweet Candy) – sweet candy;
  • White Shark (White Shack) – a white shark.

Choosing a difficult nickname, a person gives a pet special qualities. It is important that she is comfortable and not offensive to four-legged friend.

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