Choline for animals

What is choline?

Choline is a vitamin supplement available in several formats, including in the form of phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is the main part of the membranes surrounding our cells. When used phosphatidylcholine, it breaks down into choline. Choline is used in many chemical reactions of the body, including facilitates detoxification of the liver. Choline is also used in education. acetylcholine and dopamine, chemicals necessary for normal functioning of the brain. Choline may increase absorption of carnitine from the gastrointestinal tract, thereby protecting the brain and the liver.

Choline for animals

Why are pets prescribed choline?

Choline is usually prescribed to cats and dogs as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of epilepsy (seizures). Choline also an effective medication in the treatment of cognitive disorders in small pets.

Although many studies show only moderate the effectiveness of choline, clinical trials of its use in old pets suggests that he really can prevent many symptoms of cognitive impairment. Choline may help some pets with urinary incontinence if it caused by cognitive disorder syndrome.

What is the experience with choline in pets?

Choline Supplements Used to Treat Cognitive Disorders and seizures in the body of both humans and animals. Research also show its effectiveness in dogs and cats.

What kind of animals can a choline supplement be used for?

Dogs and cats can regularly take choline.

What studies have been done with choline supplementation?

Choline is one of the most researched supplements, used in pets. As mentioned, many studies have shown its effectiveness.

What benefits will choline bring to a pet?

Pets with mild epilepsy can be treated with choline and do not drink antiepileptic drugs. Also the use of choline reduces the dosage of drugs that used to control seizures in an animal. Dogs and cats with cognitive impairment respond positively to treatment choline. Large studies show that 75% of cats and dogs with cognitive impairment recovered after application choline. Choline supplementation is much safer than conventional cure seizures and cognitive impairment, despite the fact that drugs, which are approved for the treatment of such disorders in cats, not exists.

How safe is choline?

Choline is completely safe. Only rare side effects are possible. effects expressed in arousal and hyperactivity. These effects usually disappear when you stop taking or using smaller doses of choline supplements.

Where can I get choline supplements?

Choline supplements can be purchased everywhere, but since production is not regulated; their quality may vary various manufacturers. Take advice from your veterinarian, he should advise you on those supplements that will suitable for your animal.

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