Caring for a dog and puppies after cesarean sections

Caesarean section in dogs is a complex operation that carried out with the aim of extracting puppies from the uterus. This operation is the most frequently performed emergency procedure when a pregnant animal has difficulties with natural childbirth. Most dogs recover from surgery quickly enough, however, if your dog’s birth lasted for caesarean section for several hours, then its restoration will take more time, and she will also need extra attention and help with puppies.

Caring for a dog and puppies after cesarean sections

What care is needed for the dog during the recovery period?

An anesthetic was administered to the dog, which should quickly exit organism. most dogs recover completely from anesthesia during time of their discharge home. Complete recovery from anesthesia may take 2 to 6 hours, depending on the drugs used, the physical condition of the animal and its age at the time of the operation, as well as the duration of labor, which lasted before the operation.

For the first time after surgery, the dog should be under close attention so that it does not fall and cannot cause pain yourself or puppies. Puppies should not be left alone with her until until she fully regains consciousness and begins take care of them yourself.

The dog should start eating after several hours after surgery. You should offer her a small amount of food and water every 15-30 minutes. If she eats food too fast, her may vomit. Dog food intake may increase at this time. up to 1.5 times, compared with normal consumption. On the third or fourth week feeding puppies her food intake may increase by 2-3 times. During the entire feeding period, the animal needs quality feed for nursing dogs to provide good nutrition for both her and puppies.

The temperature of the dog during the first 1-3 days after giving birth may rise 0.5-1 ° C above normal, but then it should return to normal (37.8º-38.9ºC). Without consultation with a veterinarian, do not give dog acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, or acitaminophen. If the animal’s temperature rises above 40 ° C, then you should like You can quickly contact a veterinarian and look for a veterinary help.

What to do if a dog has bloody discharge from vulva?

Discharges containing blood are a normal process, which can last up to 3-7 days after delivery. Allocations may be very plentiful during the first 1-3 days, but then they will start to decrease. If the discharge lasts longer than a week, or they change color and smell, then the dog should be checked for the presence of infection or other complications. If the dog was sterilized (ovariogisterectomy operation), then practically no discharge should be.

When to remove stitches?

Seams should be removed or not removed depending on used suture material. If internal absorbable stitches that are not visible, then they do not require removal. If the seams are visible, then they are usually removed within 10-14 days. after cesarean section.

How to take care of puppies?

Puppies will need care immediately upon arrival home. Although the dog may be sleepy to feed the puppies yourself, you can gently lay her in a convenient place, and place the puppies next to her. Then, if the puppies are reluctant to suck milk, you can gently massage some nipples until it appears.

If the dog at first lacks its own milk, then you You can use its artificial substitute for the first couple of days. Your veterinarian should advise you on the appropriate milk replacer and bottle for feeding. In case of emergency situations, you can use the following formula for a substitute milk: 1 cup milk, 1 tablespoon of corn oil, 1 a small pinch of salt and 3 egg yolks without protein. Mix consistency to a homogeneous mass. The mixture should be given to the puppy from calculating 30 ml per 1/8 kg of its weight. This volume should be divided into 3-5 servings. The average weight of a newborn puppy of a small breed is about 1/8 kg, but a large breed puppy can weigh up to 1/4 kg

Despite the fact that it is advisable to start care immediately after childbirth, a healthy newborn puppy can survive without complications until 12 hours without feeding. However, if the puppy is weak or the temperature is low enough, then feeding should begin as possible faster.

What temperature is necessary for puppies?

A newborn puppy cannot regulate well enough body temperature. While the puppies stay near their mother, the temperature in the room does not matter much. Nevertheless, if they are not near the dog, the temperature should be at range from 29.4º to 32.2ºC.

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