Can your dog become a star?

If your dog or puppy is quite attractive, smart or makes you laugh regularly for various reasons, then maybe at some point it occurred to you that he might even become big screen star. So how can a dog go to the movies and TV to become a real star? Read on …

Can your dog become a star?

Which dog do you need?

In fact, there is no particular breed of dog, which would be especially in demand, and of course you don’t you will need a dog of a specific breed with a pedigree so that it has chance. Different types of dogs are popular in various media. information, and if you often watch TV, then you can conclude that dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes regularly appear in a variety of television shows and commercials. Agents and producers sometimes need a dog of a certain size and breed, therefore, of course, not all dogs can be casted, but, regardless of the type of your dog, if she has the right skills and character for work, she always has a chance to press others applicants.

Dog character

Regardless of the appearance and type of your dog, there are several factors that unite all dogs working on television. The most important factor in your dog’s suitability for any role is her good training, obedience and execution of commands. If the dog will not be controllable and will not be able to carry out basic commands, then for the director it will be of little use! Even when you see by on TV, like dogs running, barking, or becoming naughty, don’t think that this is the true character of the dog – all these dogs well trained, and the shooting was conducted by highly qualified by specialists.

The better trained the dog and the more skills she has, the wider the range of those possible roles in which she can play. Dogs, who can play the “dead” and perform a wide range of the most different teams, have more opportunities to play even artistic role.

Your dog also needs to have a calm and confident character, to be able to recognize other people and fulfill them teams. While in charge of the dog on the set (usually the owner, that is, you) will monitor and care for her, your the pet needs to be calm in the presence of other people and, possibly other animals that will also be filmed. Your the dog must respond well to many animals, but especially to cats.

Though indoors, even on the street, shooting always accompanies lots of people, props and noise. Therefore if your dog becomes nervous or naughty in a noisy environment, then it is unlikely will be able to show everything that she is capable of.

How to act

So you are sure that your dog is trained, intelligent, interesting and has all the skills to succeed on television or in commercial work, what do you do next?

First of all, take some high quality photos and video with your dog, showing them as many poses as possible, talents and skills. If your dog can perform unusual trick or trick then remember to include this in the video. This will some kind of “portfolio” of your dog that you will use, to “sell” your pet’s skills at auditions and interviews. Then you will need to contact the agencies, that treat dogs and other pets, and in detail tell them about your dog and what they can do. All these are people from the television business that can help Your pet was seen by the people you need. Appeal directly to a tv show or to an ad producer, usually not effective. Get ready to spend a fair amount of time on this, since not every agency will be ready to represent your a dog.

Once you find an agency, don’t expect everything to happen. very fast. You may have to wait some time, while your dog is invited to audition. During this of time, it is important that the dog maintains excellent external characteristics and went through regular training so that was ready for listening and casting at any time.

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