Can a dog be given a liver?

Your pet, like a wolf, will be happy with any liver that you give him. give. For most dogs, the only thing that matters is taste of food. And it’s important for you that the liver is very nutritious food that is easy to find in the local market. However, the liver has a number of drawbacks, so you should feed her a dog with caution.

Can a dog be given a liver?

Why the liver is good food

The liver and some other organs are highly nutritious. value. The liver is an ideal source of protein, vitamin A, fatty acids and many other beneficial minerals and nutrients substances. Your dog can benefit greatly from a small amount of liver in your diet as a treat or as a main course a couple of times a week.

Diet evolution

In the wild, wolves first consume internal organs their victims before embarking on tough and less wealthy nutrients to the muscles. They primarily absorb organs such as the liver, heart, and stomach. These bodies are the best parts of the body in quantity and quality contained in them nutrients.

Do not forget that all breeds of dogs, starting with the most small and ending with the largest, descended from wolves and their ancestors. Therefore, supporters of raw food, citing origin pet dogs recommend using raw meat and organs. The liver and other offal, along with meat, are the main sources of protein in such diets. Other experts claim that the diet of domesticated pets is significantly evolved to mimic a human diet. Therefore, to maintain the health of the dog, it requires several other nutrients.

Liver deficiencies

Feeding a dog a liver can be quite large number of flaws despite how healthy the food she may be. The liver contains high amounts of vitamin A, so much that it can lead to a vitamin overdose. Too much vitamin A can lead to bone spurs, muscle weakness, and digestive problems. Liver also may contain hormones and various supplements that fed to the animal. The liver of some wild animals may have hepatic flukes and other diseases that can cause harm your dog.

How much and when?

Even in a homemade diet, the liver should not be used in as the main or sole source of protein. To receive the best results from a raw food diet and other similar diets, your the puppy needs a varied diet to keep healthy and getting the most nutrients. Liver as a treat ideal for a variety of diets, as most dogs really love her taste. Small portions of the liver preferably boiled, up to a couple of times a week, but not more than – Will be the perfect complementary meal for your pet.

Small dog breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Pekingese, chihuahua, dachshund, toy terrier or, for example, spitz can be given and beef, and chicken liver, but in a limited amount 1-2 times per week, because, among other things, it can cause diarrhea.

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