Buying a pet – how to avoid mistakes and scammers

Breeding, buying and selling many types of animals is pretty big business. There are many different ways. sell and purchase an animal, from small private breeders, to major pet stores and pet advertisements; and There are even more ways to complete a deal!

Buying a pet - how to avoid mistakes and scammers

However, despite the fact that the vast majority of sales pass without any problems and the vast majority breeders, sellers and buyers are real, however less, there are various unscrupulous people who are looking quick money from unsuspecting animal lovers. People often naively part with their money, and, in the end, remain neither with what.

If you are thinking of buying a dog with a pedigree, dear horse or just a rabbit or a hamster, it’s important that you keep vigilance and notice any warning signs that something goes wrong starting from the initial viewing and ending with the appearance of a pet in the house. With that in mind, take a look at our basic tips and best ways to protect yourself and your money when buying a new pet, and also to quickly distinguish some common scammers you might meet when searching for an animal.

1. View information on how to purchase and identify a puppy with a pedigree. This information may be beneficial to all potential pet owners rather than only for those who want to buy a dog or puppy.

2. Never buy an animal that you did not see your eyes. Virtually all pet scammers use different methods of luring money from potential Buyer and never show the animal in person. Exists many seemingly true reasons by which dodgy sellers are trying to rob the buyer of his money. These the reasons can be very complex and tricky, and may seem valid genuine. Be alert if the owner animal claims not to be in the country, or quickly agrees to a price that’s not entirely adequate, provided that you pay before viewing the pet directly. Besides, never succumb to selling pets online when they are still not born.

3. Even if you saw and examined the animal for sale, it is important establish that the person who sells it is the true owner. Ask the seller to inspect his home, or ask any certifying papers. All this is common practice, and you Do not meet with a potential seller in the park or other public place!

4. Make sure that any payment is made face to face, whether you pay by check, cash or bank by transfer. Never use services like western union or paypal for paying for a pet.

5. Make sure you receive receipts or other documents for money paid by you, as well as accompanying documentation that the animal belongs to you and will not be sold to anyone. In addition, when paying a deposit, make sure that the rules clearly established when and under what circumstances a deposit should be returned to you if the purchase fails.

6. After you bought your pet and successfully completed the transaction, even if you are completely satisfied and confident in seller, it’s a good idea to scan the animal for availability microchip. Try to do it as soon as possible after the purchase. animal, as it may turn out that he already has owner.

7. Remember that the most important tool with which you you can avoid fraud and mistakes when buying a pet – this your own flair. If you think something is going wrong, probably it is! even if you cannot understand the source of fear in your head, most likely, you better find another seller, a breeder or other store. Unscrupulous people may drop by quite far to try to trick unsuspecting buyer, and you may not always be able to determine exactly where the truth lies.

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