Breeds of dogs with good character and behavior

Despite the fact that each dog is individual, each breed There are certain certain inclinations and character traits. Some owners prefer protective breeds; others want fun and active companion. If you learn more about a certain breed, you are sure to find one that is ideal for you and your family.

Breeds of dogs with good character and behavior

Fun people

If you are looking for a sociable breed, look at the Bichon Frize, Beagle and Bernese Mountain Dog. These breeds are friendly and pretty tolerant of young children.

The good-natured Bernese Mountain Dog was originally bred as a companion dog for farmers, and the cheerful Bichon Frize adores playing and hugging during and after the games. The third breed – the beagle – has curious, playful character and is rightfully considered one of the best family breeds.

Devotees and Watchmen

If you need a dedicated watchman, consider German Shepherd or Chow Chow. German shepherd is a great choice for any families, they are smart, easy to learn and love to play. Gorgeous dogs for both children and adults, German shepherds will make all to protect their family – with fearless confidence they will always inform you of strangers or troublemakers. An exclusively dedicated and territorial Chow Chow will unwaveringly defend his home, his master and his family.


Athletes and lovers of running, hiking and swimming choose how as a rule, the most energetic and active breeds. Restless Weimaraner, energetic dalmatian and adventurer parson russell terrier – they all love to train.

Dalmatians and Weimaraners are amazingly hardy and become Great partners for jogging. Parson russell terrier has tough non-wet coat and almost endless energy for their small size. He will be ready to run or hike in any, even the most inclement weather!

Affectionate, calm and quiet

For some breeds, the most interesting adventure is to get there. to the nearest soft surface. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Greyhound and Shih Tzu – surprisingly affectionate and balanced breeds, who prefer a relaxed home environment. Despite sporting features of Greyhound, this breed will always find comfortable a place to put your slim body there and sleep.

King Charles Spaniel loves affection and will stick to you in all day long. However, however, except for many hours of rest on the couch, these sloths still need short daily walks to keep fit and healthy.

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