Breed of dog on stern “Caesar”

Many remember the smart, cute white doggie – commercial or packaging of Caesar dog food. Breed Hero – West Highland White Terrier. Like all others, she has a whole list of interesting features.

Breed description

West Highland White Terriers are indoor dogs. Maximum the height at the withers is 25-28 cm, and the weight of the pet is 6-9 kg. Average life expectancy is 12-14 years. It is very energetic, cheerful doggies who need constant communication with by man. News and “lovers” themselves to talk – the future owner must be prepared that walks, games and feeding are always accompanied by a joyful bark.


The birthplace of the breed is Scotland. West Highland White Terriers bred specially for hunting chipmunks, foxes and other small predators. These little fast hunters are tireless – it seems that they don’t know fatigue at all.

News is easy to recognize by its short, hard, white coat. She allows its owner to freely wade through impassable thickets in search of prey. Tight fit, smooth and stiff hairs make the coat “dirt repellent”. Therefore doggie just shake off after swimming in a dirty puddle to again appear snow-white.

The characteristic white color is important so that the hunter does not lose his little helper in the thicket. With this color of hair to lead – not albinos. Around the nose, hair and mouth they have dark “rims”. The ears upright, and the tail is of moderate length and very strong. Curious but it was this feature that was appreciated by hunters: for the tail they dragged dogs chasing prey in underground burrows.


Animal character

West Highland White Terriers are smart and loyal friends. Master for them – the most important creature in the world. Therefore they can to be jealous of another person or animal. The best thing, when to lead is the only pet in the family.

This is the most affectionate of all terriers. Better entertainment for them – play and run with the owner. News – very active and agile animals, so only people who have the ability to constantly walk with the dog, arrange active games. Doggie needs to spend energy daily for good well-being.

Like all terriers, they are independent and independent. Among “minuses” of the breed – they like to bark, dig, looking for underground “prey.” Therefore, you should not let go of one frolic on lawn or garden.

West Highland White Terriers – smart, intelligent animals. Despite the great love for outdoor games, at home they are calm, do not suit the owners of unpleasant “surprises”. All terriers are somewhat stubborn, which must be considered when dealing with them. training.

Zoopsychologists recommend starting an adult or families with schoolchildren. Dogs can’t stand being rude grab, pull by the nose or ears, squeeze.


Care Features

West Highland White Terriers Owners Must Not Forget care for your pet’s hair: comb out the undercoat twice in week, cut once a month. Hair near eyes, ears plucked, and the hair in the lower abdomen is shaved off. Bathe a doggie at least once a month. If the owner has no experience, it is better to entrust leaving professional groomer.

Leading to nutrition undemanding – for centuries hunters fed their leftovers from your table. But the modern owner is better pick up special food – with unbalanced nutrition terriers prone to obesity.

You need to start training a dog from a very young age. Training is active and fun, but under the firm guidance person. It’s important to find an approach to the animal so that it is obedient, despite his stubbornness. News is a very smart dog that the power of all kinds of dog sports.

Video about the breed

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