Breed of dog from the movie “Age of Adalin”

The breed of dog in the movie “Age of Adalin” – Cavalier king charles spaniel. The main role in the film was played by Blake Lively, her ever-young character stays at the age of 29 for more than 80 years.

The role of a dog in the film was played immediately by two gentlemen King Charles Spaniel with the names Hunter (Hunter) and Riley. Animal Coordinator Jan Doig has chosen scenes suitable for them for dogs by temperament. Riley, for example, was given a scene where a dog lies motionless. He had to make an emotional scene in Veterinary clinic with the main character of the film Adalin Bowman.

The second dog, Hunter, was more suited to the role of a cheerful puppy. AT the scene when Blake opened the door, a puppy with a cheerful and sweet look greeted her.

Brief description of the cavalier king charles spaniel

The breed was named after King Charles II of England, and occurred from the king charles spaniel. In the 1600s, under King Charles they crossed charles spaniels with pugs, which led to a reduction in the size of the dog and a flatter nose. However, with the fall of the monarchy in England the breed has disappeared. It was restored only in the 1920s, when similar paintings were bred to old paintings. Thereby Today these dogs are popular all over the world.

The dog in the movie Age of Adalin

The cavalier king charles spaniel is a well-built small the dog. Their character can be described as impatient, affectionate and cheerful, and they seem to almost always wag their tail. King Charles Spaniels – athletic, fearless and very dedicated dogs. They are smart enough to understand what you want, and, therefore, it is easy enough to train. They also get along well with other dogs and pets.

Cavaliers love people, and enjoy their company, but their need to be taught certain rules and manners how far they are can go in their love. They are not suitable for living in a nursery. and can’t be alone all day.

These dogs have a strong instinct to pursue. Do not allow this cute dog develop “little dog syndrome” when she begins to think that it is a leader among people. Otherwise it may lead to various behavioral problems.

The dog in the movie Age of Adalin

Cavaliers are recommended for families with adults already people. These dogs are pleasant companions. They have excellent eyesight and smell, therefore they can be used for hunting in an open area.

King Charles Spaniels live well in apartment conditions. They are are moderately active dogs, and a small area in indoors it will be enough for them. However, they are not suitable too hot conditions.

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