Are pit bulls dangerous – myths about the breed

Properly trained and socialized pit bulls are very nice dogs oriented to humans. Like u most breeds, in their character are hidden foci of aggressiveness, but what makes pit bull stand out is their story of relationships with others dogs, which makes them not the best choice for families with several dogs.

Are pit bulls dangerous - myths about the breed

Historical past

Historic pit bull was raised as fighting dog. This past pit bull makes many of them be aggressive. However, all breeds of dogs can fight. even the most friendly and playful dogs. Pit bull may have a slightly stronger reaction to other dogs, and if its provoke, he can react aggressively faster. Bite, inflicted by a pit bull is more likely to cause injury, as it difficult to hold, and the breed itself is very strong.

People focus

Due to some aggressive traits and historical fighting of the past, there is a common misconception that pit bulls evil. These dogs are usually just more people-oriented, than other animals, and even love to cuddle with them. Them the muscular physique and image of a powerful dog created this public perception that pit bull should be wary of, but the vast majority of them will never attack a person. Those of those that attack people were most likely exposed violence or have been trained to attack.

Despite past fighting days, pit bulls have even received the nickname “educator”, thanks to their friendliness and love for children. Many of they also successfully serve as therapeutic dogs Companions in hospitals and nursing homes!

Training and socialization.

If an adult pit bull already has a mature aggressive temperament towards dogs or people, it is unlikely to succeed re-educate. Socialization is a particularly important element, to teach a pit bull to be good, and most importantly, training social skills began in puppies from the 7th week and lasted until at least 4 months. Better yet, keep learning The whole adult life of the dog continued. Without socialization your a pit bull in a park can harm many other animals and you with with difficulty you can take him under control.

Instead, take your growing buddy to courses. for puppies that can be visited from 2-3 months. Thanks valuable playing experience and socialization, the puppy will be able to hone his social skills and get to know other dogs better. Negative experience with another dog during socialization can lead to the development of aggression in adulthood. Pit bull often sees cats and other furry animals as prey, so if he already shows aggression towards pets, do not try to make friends him with them.

Breed reputation

Some owners use pit bulls to enhance their own male image, which also helps to spoil breed reputation. Other owners directly reward their dogs act aggressively. Still others use a variety of strokes, jerking with a leash, etc. It’s important to remember that an aggressive reaction pit bull can cause more damage than most breeds by virtue of their origin and strength. Teach a pit bull to be good with your own sense of responsibility, consistency and good attitude to your animal.

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