Animal Calcium Supplements

What is a calcium supplement?

Calcium is the main structural component of bones and teeth and important dietary mineral. Various additives are available. forms of calcium. Calcium Binds to Lactose, Citrate, Ascorbate and other organic acids, and therefore whiter than light assimilated by the body of the animal, in contrast to inorganic calcium supplements such as calcium carbonate.

Animal Calcium Supplements

Practicing veterinarians advise feeding pets the diet that is most similar to their natural. They often recommend bone meal as a source of calcium because It contains an ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Nevertheless, human studies do not show any significant differences between bone meal and calcium carbonate supplement. Besides, bone meal supplement may contain heavy impurities metals such as lead.

Coral calcium is often protected by its producers as calcium supplement, but research on this topic is also not show no difference between coral calcium and others sources of calcium.

Coral calcium supplements are often prohibitively expensive. collection harms marine ecosystems such as, for example, coral reefs, so these additives are not recommended.

Why are calcium supplements recommended for animals?

Calcium supplements are often added to cooked foods. at home to ensure the necessary balance of calcium. The meat, like most vegetables and cereals, practically do not contain calcium. Without the necessary level of calcium in an animal, painful bone deformations occur. Some vegetables such like broccoli, cabbage and green cabbage contain enough calcium in bioavailable form, and should be included in your diet pet only in the prescribed diet for him. Although spinach is also contains a lot of calcium, it has a high level of oxalates, which may expose cats and dogs to the risk of growth in their urinary stones.

Pets that feed on commercial feeds do not need extra calcium since it is already contained in these feeds. For females, the need for calcium can be increased in the last trimester of pregnancy, as well as during the period of feeding kittens or puppies. These needs can be met. using high quality feed intended for growth and development. Signs of calcium deficiency in a nursing animal include weakness, tremors, and cramps. No calcium supplement should be used for puppies and kittens without consulting by the veterinarian.

When are animal calcium supplements used?

Calcium supplements are widely used to treat calcium deficiency. Intravenous calcium injections are often used. for the treatment of seizures caused by its deficiency. This is the most widely practiced in dogs whose blood calcium levels drop to or after the birth of puppies.

Which animal species use calcium supplements?

All animals, including humans, require a certain amount calcium. Calcium deficiency problems most often found in dogs, cats and many reptiles. Calcium deficiency in reptiles usually occur due to improper use Vitamin D. Calcium deficiency in cats and dogs most often occurs. due to their unbalanced diet.

What research has been done with these supplements?

Extensive research shows the benefits of homemade supplements animals deficient in calcium. Calcium is an essential mineral in the diet of dogs and cats. Calcium deficiency leads to debilitating bone diseases and, without treatment, may be even deadly. Prevention is carried out using specialized diet containing the right amount calcium.

How safe are calcium supplements?

These additives are safe when used correctly. Nevertheless, usually animals do not need calcium supplements and may experience problems if taking too much calcium.

If the pet is taking an excessive amount of different supplements, including calcium, the balance of nutrients in his diet broken. For example, calcium competes with other minerals, such as magnesium when absorbed in the intestines. If the diet contains a lot of calcium, other minerals like magnesium and zinc can become poorly digestible. In addition, too much calcium may lead to hip dysplasia in the dog the joint. Avoid high calcium supplements for puppies.

In dogs prone to developing bladder stones, excess calcium supplements may increase the risk of developing stones from crystals calcium oxalate. Several studies have shown that the use of calcium citrate supplements prevents the formation of crystals of calcium oxalate since citric acid helps keep calcium in soluble form in urine. It is also known that people using calcium citrate supplements are seeing an increase aluminum suction from food, but about any risks in this regard in dogs and cats is not known.

How to get a calcium supplement and is it necessary recipe?

When buying calcium supplements for animals, keep in mind that their production is not strictly regulated, so many of they contain various amounts of calcium. Some supplements additionally contain vitamin D to increase calcium absorption, they are generally suitable for cats and dogs. Consult with your vet, which supplements are best for your pet way. Calcium supplements do not require a prescription.

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